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Wednesday, 15 July 2020
Functional coatings

Don´t miss any trends and news about functional coatings including anti-icing, anti-fouling, anti-fingerprinting, self-healing and easy-to-clean.

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28 May 15
Easy-to-clean multifunctional coatings by sol-gel processing

In a paper, sol-gel-based transparent easy-to-clean (ETC) coatings are fabricated using organic-inorganic hybrid precursors and fluorinated silane-based hydrophobic surfactants.

19 May 15
Superhydrophobic glass coating offers clear benefits

A moth’s eye and lotus leaf were the inspirations for a superhydrophobic glass coating that holds potential for solar panels, lenses, detectors, windows, weapons systems and other products.

13 May 15
Self-roughened superhydrophobic coatings for oil-water separation

Chinese researchers have investigated self-roughened superhydrophobic coatings for continuous oil-water separation.

8 May 15
Graft-copolymer-based approach to anti-smudge polyurethane coatings

Clear, durable anti-smudge coatings with a thickness of up to tens of micrometers have been prepared through a graft-copolymer-based approach from commercial precursors.

27 Mar 15
Surface-modified nanoparticles endow coatings with combined properties

Nanoparticles are specifically adapted to the particular application by Small Molecule Surface Modification (SMSM).

10 Mar 15
Graphene, the wonder material, goes textile

A surface coating sets new standards for personal protective equipment (PPE).

6 Mar 15
Evaluating self-healing efficiency in cementitious materials

During the last decade, self-healing of concrete has attracted so much attention in the research community as a promising tool toward more durable and sustainable infrastructures.

5 Mar 15
Coating under atmospheric and vacuum conditions – an innovative combination

Fraunhofer FEP expands its pilot plant park by a coating plant, which uses electron beams under vacuum conditions for the crosslinking of varnishes and surface treatment.

16 Feb 15
Using chitosan as potent candidate for green adhesive market

Chitosan has gained significant attention during last decades as a potent natural adhesive. Its lower concentrations (<10% w/v) offer competitive strength as synthetic adhesives which would reduce economic constrains of adhesive production.

217 item(s) for Functional coatings
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