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Wednesday, 15 July 2020
Functional coatings

Don´t miss any trends and news about functional coatings including anti-icing, anti-fouling, anti-fingerprinting, self-healing and easy-to-clean.

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30 Nov 15
Instant omniphobic surfaces with unprecedented repellency

American researchers report a simple and straightforward method to prepare omniphobic surfaces that they believe to be as good or better than reported methods.

2 Nov 15
Superhydrophilicity and durability of fluoropolymer titanium dioxide coatings

Self-cleaning fluoropolymer-TiO2 coatings have been in focus as a promising group of materials for a number of years due to their favourable combination of photo-activated hydrophilicity and chemical resistivity of the Teflon-based material.

27 Oct 15
Self-healing coatings and parts are next frontier for smart materials

Recent advances and ongoing improvements will help rapid and low-cost development of smart materials, and the next wave of innovation will be in self-healing coatings and parts, according to a new report.

16 Oct 15
New surfaces delay ice formation

If you've ever waited on an airport runway for your plane to be de-iced, had to remove all your food so the freezer could defrost, or arrived late to work because you had to scrape the sheet of ice off your car windshield, you know that ice can cause major headaches.

12 Oct 15
Self-sealing of cracks in concrete using superabsorbent polymers

Cracks in concrete can self-heal when exposed to prolonged wetting, but this is limited to narrow cracks. In practice, cracks > 0.2 mm cause leakage and impair performance of structures.

471474_original_R_K_by_Jürgen Hü
22 Jul 15
Moisture-absorbing and abrasion-resistant coating on polystyrene

A common phenomenon concerning cold surfaces which are subjected to a warmer, more humid atmosphere is condensation in the form of water droplets (fogging) or even ice crystals (icing).

8 Jul 15
Review summarises current state of self-healing polymer nanocomposites

During the last few years, different kinds of autonomic and non-autonomic self-healing materials have been prepared using diverse techniques for a number of applications.

15 Jun 15
Diamond-like coatings save fuel

Coating engine components with hard carbon reduces friction to almost zero – a development that could save billions of liters of fuel worldwide every year.

8 Jun 15
Novel mussel-inspired strategy toward superhydrophobic surfaces

Current available superhydrophobic modification techniques that utilise mussel-inspired polydopamine (pDA) to construct hierarchical structures require the addition of nanoparticles or the usage of a high concentration of dopamine.

217 item(s) for Functional coatings
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