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Monday, 24 February 2020
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Biobased building blocks have a great future

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Non-petro based building blocks for specialty chemicals will play an increasing role in future. They will undoubtably impact the formulation of adhesives and sealants – both "classic” examples of specialty chemicals – as well. So what's up with biobased adhesives?

Biobased building blocks for adhesives are very interesting

Source: Fotolia/Michael Kempf

Biobased building blocks for adhesives are very interesting

Source: Fotolia/Michael Kempf

The European Coatings Conference on "Biobased adhesives" will fokus on latest developments around this topic. But it will also include critical presentations about this environmental friendly approach.

Dr. Jürgen Wegner, ChemQuest, Germany will give a talk about the whole green initiative and its outcomes.

 Drivers will be secured availability and accessibility at reasonable costs on one hand, the reduced carbon and materials footprint on the other, and one day hopefully also the achievement of outstanding product performance parameters not accessible with traditional, petro-based raw materials.

Many options and initiatives available

The presentation will positively deal with the fact that biobased technological routes will provide new technical options in getting access to C4, C5 and C9 building blocks so vital for adhesives and sealants formulation as they in future and in line with the upcoming shale gas revolution will face an ever tighter market supply situation: Here a switch to processes based on non-food bio mass is a viable option, and the presentation will shed light on a number of options and recent industry initiatives.

It it really responsible care?

The presentation, however, will also and rather critically shed light on so-called green initiatives in which bio-based building blocks in A&S are taken as prove to responsible care: Here often enough an un-biased lifecycle analysis shows little-to-no benefit to the environment, and some examples will be given to prove that.
Time is not ripe yet to achieve with bio-based A&S performance characteristics out of reach for petro-based alternatives, but at the end of my presentation a closer look at the crystal ball will be given about what could be achieved one day, and where we currently stay.

The conference will take place on 21./22. February 2013 in Dusseldorf, Germany.

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