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Thursday, 27 June 2019

News on coatings technologies from waterborne to nanotechnology and UV/EB. Don´t miss any trend!

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19 Aug 09
New blog entry on easy-to-clean coatings

Studies at Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands focus on self-replenishing mechanism of easy to clean surfaces.

12 Aug 09
UV/EB inks, coatings and adhesives

As the legislation on Food Contact and Food Packaging develops it is likely that the demands on the ink makers and resin manufacturers to supply compliant products will intensify. To meet thesedemands there has to be a greater understanding of the chemistries involved and the potential to migrate.

10 Aug 09
Characterization of microgels

As researchers discover new and widespread applications for stimulus-responsive microgels, known as "smart polymers”, the Zetasizer Nano system from Malvern Instruments is fast emerging as theirsystem of choice for particle characterization.

27 Jul 09
Self-cleaning: repellence of hot water

Superhydrophobic surfaces show reduced repellency to hot water.

22 Jul 09
Diselenide derivates as photoinitiators for acrylates

New study reveals that diselenides seem to be good candidates as photoinitiators.

New fire resistant coating system
Better scratch resistance with core/shell nanoparticles
3 Mar 09
Better scratch resistance with core/shell nanoparticles

Gerhard Jonschker, Business develop manager AT-G Performance additives highlights in this interview a new core/shell nanotechnology and explains how this technology enhances the scratch resistance of high gloss coating systems.

Polymeric nanostructures for today's coatings
12 Feb 09
Polymeric nanostructures for today's coatings

Prof. Melik C. Demirel, Associate Professor of Engineering at Pennsylvania State University, USA, has done a lot of research on a template-free method of creating nanostructured polymers.

7 Jan 09
Fouling release to reduce fuel consumption

A new hydrogel silicone fouling release can reduce a vessel´s fuel consumption by at least 4 to 8 per cent within the first year.

1 Sep 08
Emulsion based on vinyl acetate/ethylene
Celanese Emulsion Polymers has announced the launch of the "EcoVAE" product range. The first emulsion based on vinyl acetate/ethylene, helping to formulate environmentally sound coatings, is called"EcoVAE 401". It exhibits a large more
991 item(s) for Technologies
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