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Saturday, 07 December 2019

News on coatings technologies from waterborne to nanotechnology and UV/EB. Don´t miss any trend!

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10 Sep 10
Novel photoinitiators prevent migration

Inks and lacquers for food packaging are cured by irradiation with UV light and contain, besides reactive oligomers, photo initiators to start the curing reaction. Now, new photo initiators thatprevent migration have been developed.

3 Sep 10
Researchers develop anti-ice coatings

A current goal is the production of durable, industrially-viable coatings which function by reducing ice adhesion forces rather than by completely preventing the formation of ice.

30 Aug 10
Polyester resin addresses epoxy-free coatings

The range meets a demand for epoxy-free alternatives to hybrid powder coatings.

Properties of a novel corn-zein coating structure
20 Aug 10
Properties of a novel corn-zein coating structure

Biopolymers offer a noticeable potential of replacing conventional petroleum based polymers in food packaging materials. Protein based biopolymers including corn zein can be processed into films andform an excellent barrier to gases and a moderate barrier to water vapor. Dr. Funda Tihminlioglu, Izmir Institute of Technology, Turkey, explains her study of a novel corn-zein coating structure onpolypropylene films as an alternative water vapor and oxygen-barrier for flexible packaging.

19 Aug 10
Coating kills safely MRSA bacteria on contact

In tests, 100 percent of MRSA in solution were killed within 20 minutes of contact with a surface painted with latex paint laced with the coating.

Review focuses on self-healing properties
12 Aug 10
Silicon nanocone arrays to create antireflective coatings

Corrugated silicon nanocone arrays have been fabricated on a silicon wafer by two polystyrene-sphere-monolayer-masked etching steps in order to create high-performance antireflective coatings.

10 Aug 10
Novel diols tailor-made for polyurethane coatings

In a new study, novel dihydroxy functional 3-arm star polymers were synthesised using a combination of atom transfer radical polymerisation, ring opening polymerisation, and click chemistry.

6 Aug 10
old nanoparticles dispersed through plastic

An Australian scientist has discovered a way to disperse gold nanoparticles evenly through plastic. This could enable new composite materials for paints and coatings.

3 Aug 10
New procedure for the assessment of coating systems developed

In the course of an industrial joint research a new procedure to assess the protective abilities of waterbased coating systems was developed

1049 item(s) for Technologies
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