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Tuesday, 12 November 2019

News on coatings technologies from waterborne to nanotechnology and UV/EB. Don´t miss any trend!

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4 Jul 19
Controlled fertiliser release via tunable poly(vinyl alcohol)/ammonium sulfate-coated nonwoven materials

In a recent study, nonwoven fabrics were coated with two different ammonium sulfate fertilizer loadings (27.75% and 55.50%) by using two different poly(vinyl alcohol) types (high and low molecular weight).

3 Jul 19
A facile inorganic modifier of acrylic emulsions for fabricating hybrid films with least aggregation of silica nanoparticles

Hybrid emulsions were prepared by mixing PreEm with AcEm. The emulsions gave transparent coating films at high silica content. The hardness of the films increased with increasing silica content.

2 Jul 19
Working the classics

The Coatings Science International (Cosi) Conference 2019 came home to Nordwijk in the Netherlands to hold its annual meeting again almost directly at the beach. Around 90 international experts from 19 countries attended the event to learn about latest developments in the scientific coatings’ community.

2 Jul 19
Silane coupling agent pretreatment and polycaprolactone coating for enhanced corrosion resistance for magnesium

To address the problem of rapid corrosion of magnesium (Mg) alloys, a biodegradable polymer film of polycaprolactone (PCL) with KH550 as silane coupling agent (SCA) was coated on Mg substrate.

1 Jul 19
“We need to energise a consortium to use coatings to reduce atmospheric carbon”

The US company Reactive Surfaces has developed a carbon capture coating technology. We spoke with Dr Steve McDaniel about his his company’s plan to find partners for a joint effort to fight against global warming. 

1200 Beton Brücke markusspiske pixabay.jpg
27 Jun 19
Student team from Lingen receives the 2019 Altana Special Prize in chemistry for its sustainable business Idea

A student team from the Lingen Wirtschaft vocational school has been awarded the special prize in chemistry in the 2019 "Jugend gründet” (Youth Startups) competition for a sustainable business idea.

26 Jun 19
Investigation of butyl acrylate grafting using model alkyds

Researchers report that mechanisms of grafting butyl acrylate onto model alkyds were dependent on the structure of fatty acids in the model alkyds.

25 Jun 19
Self-cleaning abilities of superhydrophobic coatings using silica nanoparticles

For an actual study superhydrophobic coatings were prepared using hydrophobic silica nanoparticles. The coating on every substrate revealed self-cleaning ability.

24 Jun 19
Preparation and hydrophobicity improvement of fluorinated poly (styrene-acrylate) / ferrocene composites

A recent study examines the hydrophobicity improvement of fluorinated poly (styrene-acrylate) / ferrocene composites. The WAC of composite films increased from 45 to 121° before and after oxidation.

1038 item(s) for Technologies
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