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Tuesday, 23 April 2019

News on coatings technologies from waterborne to nanotechnology and UV/EB. Don´t miss any trend!

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11 Mar 19
Resource-saving paper finishing as an alternative to UV coating

Grönenbacher Lackfabrik has developed an environmentally friendly alternative to UV coating in paper finishing.

7 Mar 19
Dynamics of water-borne acrylic polymer/silica nanocomposite coatings

Researchers recently investigated the dynamics and viscoelastic behavior of water-borne acrylic polymer/silica nanocomposite coatings.

6 Mar 19
Kinetic stabilisation of cellulose nanocrystals

In a recent study, scientists investigated the kinetic stabilisation of cellulose nanocrystals in a photocurable prepolymer for application as an adhesion promoter in UV-curable coatings.

27 Feb 19
Ambient curable coating materials based on castor oil

Using a Knoevenagel condensation cross-linking technique, scientists developed new ambient curable coatings based on acetoacetylated castor oil.

25 Feb 19
"Films as thin as a few microns can be achieved"

Thinner powder coatings mean lower material costs. But how thin can the layers be without the disadvantages outweigh. We talked to two powder coating experts about this and other trends.

1000-BB_Putzschwämme_Daniel Ernst_AdobeStock_26427190-Quelle Daniel Ernst –
20 Feb 19
Wipe-on glass creates antimicrobial surfaces

The spin-off from the Leibniz-Institute for New Materials (INM) in Saarbrücken, Nano-Care launches the third generation of ultra-thin coatings: "wipe-on glass" provides hard surfaces with a self-disinfecting performance for a period of several months, to several years.

5 Feb 19
A multi-step cold plasma process for fine tuning of polymer nanostructuring

The innovative plasma process, developed in a current study for highly structured surfaces, consists to gradually decrease the input power during deposition in order to form polymer nuclei while preserving monomer structure.

24 Jan 19
Synthesis of water-borne polyurethane/hydroxyapatite chemical hybrids

A recently published paper deals with the synthesis and properties of water-borne polyurethane/hydroxyapatite chemical hybrids.

23 Jan 19
Functionalised zirconia compounds as antifungal additives for hygienic water-borne coatings

In a recently published work, the sol-gel method was used to obtain materials based on silica and zirconia, with the inclusion of silver (Ag).

954 item(s) for Technologies
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