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Tuesday, 29 September 2020

News on coatings technologies from waterborne to nanotechnology and UV/EB. Don´t miss any trend!

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21 Aug 20
Preparation of smart coatings with self-healing and anti-wear properties

A new paper describes the preparation smart coatings by embedding PU-fly ash absorbing linseed oil microcapsules.

20 Aug 20
UV-curable cellulose acetate butyrate-based oligomers and their electrospun fibrous mats

A new paper investigates the chemical, mechanical, and thermal properties of UV-curable cellulose acetate butyrate-based oligomers and their electrospun fibrous mats.

19 Aug 20
Rapid fabrication of robust and bright colloidal amorphous arrays on textiles

A new study proposes a low-cost and effective strategy to fabricate a high mechanical strength, brilliant, and noniridescent colloidal amorphous array (CAA) coating within hours on fabric.

18 Aug 20
New study aims at the development of novel waterproof and breathable membranes

Scientists have worked on the synthesis and properties of side chain fluorinated polyurethanes and the evaluation of changes in the microphase separation.

17 Aug 20
Distinctive structure for transparent icing protection surfaces

A new study describes an ice-phobic and transparent surface based on the distinctive structure of a coating material.

laboratory-2815641_1280 Quelle  Michal Jarmoluk Pixabay.jpg
13 Aug 20
Enhancing weathering resistance of wood by using bark extractives

A new study shows how to enhancing the weathering resistance of wood by using bark extractives as natural photostabilisers in a polyurethane-acrylate coating.

12 Aug 20
New fluorine-free self-healing anti-smudge coatings

A new study reports on a simple strategy for the fabrication of phenolic polyurethane coatings with self-healing and anti-smudge properties as well as good mechanical strength and optical clarity.

11 Aug 20
Improved properties of coating binder from palm oil-based oleic acid

Scientists have improved properties of coating binders from palm oil-based oleic acid by copolymerising with acrylate monomers.

10 Aug 20
Rheology of high-aspect-ratio nanocarbons

A new paper focuses on the rheology of nanocarbons dispersed in a low-viscosity fluid.

1237 item(s) for Technologies
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