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Tuesday, 18 June 2019

News on coatings technologies from waterborne to nanotechnology and UV/EB. Don´t miss any trend!

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9 May 19
Fire retardant coatings: "Preventing the fire from spreading"

Fire retardant coatings can save a lot of money and even more important: lives. But what solutions are currently being used to develop such coatings, how are they tested and what are future trends? In our interview Klaus Bender from Clariant gives some answers.  

8 May 19
How slippery surfaces allow sticky pastes and gels to slide

An engineered surface treatment developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology can reduce waste and improve efficiency in many processes.

6 May 19
Antireflection coating makes plastic virtually invisible

Penn State researchers have developed an antireflection coating that can make transparent plastics virtually invisible.

2 May 19
Shark skin varnish increases the electricity yield of wind turbines

A functional coating with microscopically small grooves, the structure of which is reminiscent of the skin of sharks, can be used to increase the efficiency of wind turbines.

2 May 19
Interview: „LED UV-curing systems are the technology of the future"

Developers at Siegwerk have succeeded in developing a UV/LED offset ink system with good deinking properties. In our interview, Thomas Glaser, head of the Sheetfed EMEA technology business unit at Siegwerk, talks about the properties, advantages and disadvantages of the new ink system.

30 Apr 19
Antimicrobial paints may cause more harm than good

Antimicrobial paints offer the promise of extra protection against bacteria. But researchers caution that these paints might be doing more harm than good by developing more antibiotic resistance.

29 Apr 19
Transparent hard self-cleaning nano-hybrid coating on polymeric substrate

For a recent study GPTMS-silica nano-hybrid coatings were immobilised on PC substrates. The coating enhanced the transmission of the PC substrates and increased the WCA of the surface.

26 Apr 19
Effects of recycled tyre fibres on the fire resistance of concrete

Recycled steel and polymer fibres can influence the fire resistance of concrete. This improves the sustainability of concrete construction by replacing virgin materials with reused materials.

25 Apr 19
Self-photoinitiating water-diluted polyurethane acrylates and their UV-curing kinetics

Scientists have recently prepared novel self-photoinitiating water-diluted polyurethane acrylates. Neutralised amines functioned as the co-photoinitiators.

985 item(s) for Technologies
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