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Thursday, 04 June 2020

News on coatings technologies from waterborne to nanotechnology and UV/EB. Don´t miss any trend!

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3 Aug 10
New procedure for the assessment of coating systems developed

In the course of an industrial joint research a new procedure to assess the protective abilities of waterbased coating systems was developed

2 Aug 10
UV-curable car varnishes improved against chemicals

UV-curable clear varnish systems could be the better alternative compared to previous clear varnishes in the automotive industry.

15 Jul 10
Coating system can initiate self-healing property

A new polymeric coating system possesses the ability to self-heal. The factors that cause the most damage to the coating are the same factors that initiate the self-healing phenomenon.

7 Jul 10
Antimicrobial activity of polysiloxane coatings analysed

Surface Raman spectroscopic analysis was performed on selected set of coatings to understand the relative concentration of Q-POSS molecules at the coating surface.

5 Jul 10
A health and environment question about biocides

The proposed legislation at the European Parliament aims to better harmonise the rules on approving and using biocides, while complementing the latest pesticides and REACH chemical legislation.

Pilot line to speed up development of radiation cured coil coatings
2 Jun 10
Fluorescing dyes support counterfeit protection

Researchers from four Fraunhofer Institutes recently engineered a new process that is particularly forgery-proof: they add various fluorescing dyes to the entire material.

1 Jun 10
Survey on micro- and nanotechnology in Germany

Micro- and nanotechnology are key technologies that generate unique advanced and novel products, which are applied all over the world in many industries.

31 May 10
Nanoparticles to optimise scratch resistance

The effects of silica nanoparticles on scratch resistance have been studied in two UV-curable clear coat formulations.

Coatings for plastic substrates: Technology trends
20 May 10
Coatings for plastic substrates: Technology trends

According to Prof. Guido Wilke, University of applied sciences, Esslingen, Germany waterborne and UV technology are important future technology trends for coatings for plastics. Waterborne systems still do not reach the performance of solventborne coatings. Nevertheless Wilke is convinced that these systems will penetrate the market.

1160 item(s) for Technologies
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