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Monday, 14 October 2019

News on coatings technologies from waterborne to nanotechnology and UV/EB. Don´t miss any trend!

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12 Sep 19
Polyzwitterionic brushes with cross-linked structure

Recently, scientists investigated the long-term stability and salt-responsive behaviour of polyzwitterionic brushes with cross-linked structure

10 Sep 19
Plant waste as a sustainable pigment alternative

Imperial student Nicole Stjernswärd is using plant waste to create natural powder pigments that can be used for paints, inks or textiles.

6 Sep 19
Synthesis of renewable and self-curable thermosetting hyperbranched polymers

In a recently published study, researchers prepared a renewable and self-curable thermosetting hyperbranched polymers (DSEHP-n) by a click reaction.

4 Sep 19
Development of an image-based gloss measurement instrument

A new paper reports on the development of a measurement instrument to perform gloss measurements using an image-based detector.

27 Aug 19
Influence of lignin-based PU coatings on ammonium sulfate release

The influence of the properties of lignin-based polyurethane (PU) coatings on the release behaviour of ammonium sulfate was assessed through complete physicochemical, structural, and morphological characterisation.

1000-BB_Cashew_Juri_AdobeStock_143262963-Quelle Juri –
20 Aug 19
Superhydrophobic cotton for oil–water separation

In a recently published investigation, researchers developed a superhydrophobic cotton by silica nanoparticles treatment followed by surface functionalisation with methyltrichlorosilane.

19 Aug 19
Applied rheology and architectural coating performance

A new review in part discusses the use of controlled-stress rheometry to characterise coatings, and presents ways of applying the results effectively to the analysis of paint flow.

15 Aug 19
“Formulators can move away from trial-and-error”

Formulating a good coatings system is time consuming and requires many repetitive tasks. Thanks to predictive sciences a lot of this work can be dropped. In our interview Sander van Loon, CEO of VLCI, explains how this works and what role high-throughput technology plays for this.

14 Aug 19
Machine-learning-assisted discovery of polymers with high thermal conductivity

Scientists demonstrate the successful discovery of new polymers with high thermal conductivity, inspired by machine-learning-assisted polymer chemistry.

1031 item(s) for Technologies
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