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Thursday, 09 July 2020

News on coatings technologies from waterborne to nanotechnology and UV/EB. Don´t miss any trend!

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25 Jun 20
Antimicrobial cationic acrylate-based hybrid coatings against microorganism contamination

Scientists describe fabricating antimicrobial cationic acrylate-based composite and investigating it as antimicrobial coatings of interior walls in buildings.

24 Jun 20
Tribological properties of polyimide-graphene composite coatings at elevated temperatures

A new paper focuses on developing a polyamic acid (PAA) of polyimide (PI) and PI filled with graphene (PI/GP) on 100CR6 ESU hardened steel.

23 Jun 20
Novel anti-UV superhydrophobic material

A new study presents an anti-UV superhydrophobic material with photocatalysis, self-cleaning, self-healing and oil/water separation functions.

22 Jun 20
New cooling materials: Inspiration from a fascinating beetle

A type of beetle capable of regulating its body temperature in some of the hottest places on earth is the centerpiece of new research.

19 Jun 20
Porous chitin-nanofibrous structure via layer-by-layer self-assembly

Scientists have studied the growth of porous chitin-nanofibrous structure under existing ionic effects for antireflective and antifogging coatings.

Peggy_Marco - Pixabay.jpg
17 Jun 20
Super-hydrophobic coatings on cotton fabrics using sol–gel technique by spray

In a new study, hydrophobic surfaces on cotton fabrics were obtained using a sol–gel technique to produce coatings applied using a spray of precursor solution followed by drying and heat treatments.

16 Jun 20
Novel technology for faster photochromic face shields

Futurechromes S. L., a technological company in Barcelona, has developed a new technology for photochromic face shields based on the nanoencapsulation of light-sensitive dyes.

15 Jun 20
High hardness and flame retardancy: Synthesis of a novel polysiloxane coating

Chemists have investigated the functional properties of a newly synthetisised polysiloxane coating.

12 Jun 20
Alternative cement: A recipe for eco-concrete

Empa researchers are working on alternative cement recipes that cause significantly fewer emissions or can even bind the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide.

1185 item(s) for Technologies
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