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Sunday, 19 January 2020

News on coatings technologies from waterborne to nanotechnology and UV/EB. Don´t miss any trend!

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2 Jan 20
Effectiveness of non-Fickian diffusion model on the water uptake determination of organic coatings

Water diffusion in organic coatings were measured successfully in a study using EIS and wet-cup methods.

1 Jan 20
Fabrication of transparent easy-clean coating formulations optimised from molecular dynamics simulation

Report on the impact of co-polymerising polyvinyl acetate with polydimethyl siloxane in developing an easy-cleaning coating material.

30 Dec 19
A process model for slot coating of narrow stripes

In a new study, scientists develop a process model for slot coating of variable-width narrow stripes, as a fundamental and representative pattern feature for patterned slot coating.

18 Dec 19
Bio-based multifunctional fatty acid methyl esters as reactive diluents

In a current paper epoxidized fatty acid methyl esters (e-FAMEs) obtained from epoxidized linseed oil were compared with fatty acid methyl esters (FAMEs) obtained from rapeseed oil as reactive diluents in coil-coating formulations.

17 Dec 19
The history of serial painting

"Any colour is possible - as long as it's black." So Henry Ford is quoted. Whether he actually said it remains in the dark. Independent of this, the historical development of series production paintwork is exciting. We took a closer look at it.

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4 Dec 19
Water-borne ultraviolet (UV)-curable coatings based on microgels

Researchers demonstrated for the first time successful fabrication of microgels based on branched poly(ethylenimine) (PEI) and their incorporation into water-soluble polyacrylate (WPA).

3 Dec 19
Monitoring drying process of varnish

Scientists present a new optical method to study the drying process of varnish based on immersion solid matching technique.

2 Dec 19
NIR LEDs and NIR lasers as feasible alternatives to oven processes

Near-infrared (NIR) laser sources (800–1000 nm) can potentially reduce the processing time for curing by a fast heating and incorporation of NIR absorbers into the coating.

29 Nov 19
Water-borne-coatings: “A major improvement lies in designing emulsifier-free emulsions”

Water-borne coatings have been the key-component to transform the coatings industry to a more sustainable way of doing its business. However, there are still challenges especially in corrosion resistance. We asked experts about this issue and how to overcome it.

1065 item(s) for Technologies
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