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Tuesday, 18 June 2019

News on coatings technologies from waterborne to nanotechnology and UV/EB. Don´t miss any trend!

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28 May 19
Bühler opens its Cubic innovation campus

After a construction period of 20 months and an investment of about CHF 50 million, Bühler Group has officially openend its Cubic innovation campus with eight application centers.

27 May 19
Usage of low-quality industrial residues for eco-friendly cement production

Scienticts have elaborated the maximisation of the reuse of industrial residues for the production of CSA-belite clinker as eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to portland cement.

24 May 19
Call for applications for the Anton Paar research prize 2019

Anton Paar invites researchers and scientists to submit projects for the first research prize for instrumental analysis and characterisation with a value of EUR 20,000.

22 May 19
Smallest pixels ever created could light up colour-changing buildings

The smallest pixels yet created - a million times smaller than those in smartphones - could be used for new types of large-scale flexible displays, big enough to cover entire buildings.

21 May 19
Interview: “There has been a plateauing in innovation”

According to Thierry Vanlancker, CEO of Akzo Nobel, there has been a plateauing in innovation in the paint and coatings industry. Akzo Nobel just finished its first paint and coatings start-up challenge to change that. We spoke with him during the award ceremony.

Labor PublicDomainPictures Pixabay.jpg
16 May 19
Facile synthesis and characterisation of covalently coloured polyurethane latex

A new method to prepare covalently coloured polyurethane latex has been developed based on the polymerisation of dye monomers.

15 May 19
Coating from graphite: solar-powered hydrogen fuel a step closer

A more sustainable way of making hydrogen fuel from water using sunlight is a step closer according to new research from the University of Bath’s Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies.

14 May 19
Ultrasound-assisted synthesis and antibacterial activity of silver nanoparticles

An ultrasound-assisted method has proven rapid and cost effective for the production of GC-AgNps. The synthesised nanoparticles exhibited potent antibacterial activity against E. coli.

10 May 19
Improved flame retardant and hydrophilic properties of polyamide 66 textiles

Scientists have developed a hybrid coating via few bi-layers deposition and sol-gel process. This coating improved the flame retardant and hydrophilic properties of PA66 fabrics.

985 item(s) for Technologies
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