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Friday, 23 August 2019

News on coatings technologies from waterborne to nanotechnology and UV/EB. Don´t miss any trend!

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20 Aug 19
Superhydrophobic cotton for oil–water separation

In a recently published investigation, researchers developed a superhydrophobic cotton by silica nanoparticles treatment followed by surface functionalisation with methyltrichlorosilane.

19 Aug 19
Applied rheology and architectural coating performance

A new review in part discusses the use of controlled-stress rheometry to characterise coatings, and presents ways of applying the results effectively to the analysis of paint flow.

15 Aug 19
“Formulators can move away from trial-and-error”

Formulating a good coatings system is time consuming and requires many repetitive tasks. Thanks to predictive sciences a lot of this work can be dropped. In our interview Sander van Loon, CEO of VLCI, explains how this works and what role high-throughput technology plays for this.

14 Aug 19
Machine-learning-assisted discovery of polymers with high thermal conductivity

Scientists demonstrate the successful discovery of new polymers with high thermal conductivity, inspired by machine-learning-assisted polymer chemistry.

8 Aug 19
Numerical modeling of the spray coating of spinning bodies

In a recently published article, scientists deal with the spin coating of the interior of metal beverage cans.

1000-BB_Pulver_Coprid _AdobeStock_131674811-Quelle Coprid –
1 Aug 19
Functional coatings: "An extremely exciting field to protect the environment"

Modern functionalities can make coatings more sustainable, add value and make every day life easier. We spoke with Gesa Patzelt from Fraunhofer IFAM how functional coatings work, how you can develop them and what functionalities will be market ready in short and long term.

24 Jul 19
Improved adhesion of environmentally friendly paint film on wood

Researchers recently improved paint adhesion of environmentally friendly paint film on wood surface by plasma treatment.

23 Jul 19
Bio-inspired transparent structural colour film

The transparent wings of insects with intelligent structural colours or good invisibility in different surroundings provide them with unique camouflage capability and were therefore used as model for a recent study.

18 Jul 19
Colouring by polymer stress instead of pigments

Material stress is normally not good for polymer films in paints and varnishes, after all it can lead to damage and failure of the protective function. A Nature article now shows how it can also be used for colouring.

1015 item(s) for Technologies
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