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Friday, 27 November 2020

News on coatings technologies from waterborne to nanotechnology and UV/EB. Don´t miss any trend!

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23 Nov 20
A sustainable monomer for the production of bio-based polyacrylates

A new paper describes Isosorbide monoacrylate as a sustainable monomer for the production of fully bio-based polyacrylates and thermosets.

18 Nov 20
Luminescent wood could light up homes of the future

Scientists study luminescent and hydrophobic wood films as optical lighting materials.

13 Nov 20
Bioinspired structural colour nanocomposites with healable capability

In a new rewview, scientists summarise the recent development of the healable structural colour nanocomposites.

12 Nov 20
Work on thermal history paint awarded 2020 Warren M. Rohsenow Prize

Thermal history paint is an enabling technology assisting in reducing carbon emissions.

4 Nov 20
Development of sustainable polyols with high bio renewable content

Researchers have examined polyols with bio-renewable content and their applications in thermoset coatings.

Regen Bewitterung Tropfen Quelle Sourabh Yadav - Pixabay.jpg
27 Oct 20
Coating delamination mitigation of epoxy coatings

Scientists have examined the coating delamination mitigation by inhibiting the hydrogen evolution reaction.

21 Oct 20
UV and thermal dual responsive coatings

UV and thermal dual responsive coatings have been developed based on benzoxazine/polyacrylate/mesoporous TiO2. The reversible surface wettability coatings have excellent comprehensive properties.

20 Oct 20
Superamphiphobic PTFE/CuO coating on 6061Al

Scientists have developed a leaf-like superamphiphobic PTFE/CuO coating on 6061Al which is rapidly fabricated in a two-step method and could protect substrate from corrosion and pollution.

19 Oct 20
Effect of laser structured micro patterns on the polyvinyl butyral/oxide/steel interface stability

A recent work investigated the effect of steel substrate topography and roughness on cathodic disbonding resistance and wet adhesion of the polyvinyl butyral/oxide/steel interface.

1254 item(s) for Technologies
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