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Tuesday, 18 June 2019

News on coatings technologies from waterborne to nanotechnology and UV/EB. Don´t miss any trend!

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14 Jun 19
Hydrothermal synthesis and application of adsorbent coating for adsorption chillers

A recent study focuses on the improvement of adsorption chillers. FAPO4-5 adsorbents were synthesised and characterised.

13 Jun 19
Bio-inspired sensing and actuating materials: changing colours and/or shapes

A recent study summarises the-state-of-the-art progress of bio-inspired sensing and actuating materials, with focuses on the design principles and the technologies for forming these materials.

12 Jun 19
The role of aluminium in C-A-S-H during sulfate attack on concrete

For a recent study tests with C-A-S-H phases in Na2SO4 solutions (3 and 30 g/L SO4) were carried out to study changes in the C-A-S-H nanostructure during sulfate attack on concrete.

11 Jun 19
New coating could have big implications for lithium batteries

A new coating developed by the Argonne National Laboratory provides extra layer of protection for battery cathodes.

10 Jun 19
New surface treatment could improve refrigeration efficiency

A slippery surface for liquids with very low surface tension promotes droplet formation, facilitating heat transfer.

1000-BB_ Bakterien_Giovanni Cancemi_AdobeStock_122886078-Quelle Giovanni Cancemi –
5 Jun 19
Plasmon-induced nitroxide-mediated polymerisation: a method for preparation of functional surfaces

A plasmon as a stimulus opens up new opportunities for selective and regulated "from-surface” polymerisation and functionalisation of surfaces.

4 Jun 19
Recent study examines chemistry from 3D printed objects

A recently published work details the different ways in which chemical reactivity is endowed on 3D printed objects.

31 May 19
Thioxanthone-functionalised 1,6-heptadiene as monomeric photoinitiator

The synthesis of the first photoinitiator (PI) based on thioxanthone (TX) with 1,6-heptadiene structure has been described in a recent study.

30 May 19
Dow and Menshen bring sustainable design to spouted pouches

Innovative sealing technology to enable the manufacture of mono-material spouted pouches that are designed for recyclability and help advance plastic circularity goals.

985 item(s) for Technologies
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