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Sunday, 27 September 2020
Science today - coatings tomorrow

Want to know what is going on in coatings relevant research all over the world? Here you find news on current fundamental research and development from international academia.

105 item(s) for Science today - coatings tomorrow
15 Nov 11
Optoelectronic properties of polymers summarised

Review article introduces recent developments in the field of main-chain photochromic conducting polymers and their ability for light-controlled variation of optoelectronic properties.

14 Nov 11
"Coatings from A to Z" available online

Based on the book by Paolo Nanetti this app offers a "best practice" glossary for everyone who is in need of looking up keywords of coating technology.

10 Nov 11
Predicting the toplayer coatability of barrier layers

New study outlines, that the most important aspect for predicting the coatability is the wettability, especially the water contact angle.

10 Nov 11
Technology improves the stability of dry-mix mortars

Functionalised calcium aluminate cement (CAC) has been developed with the aim to stabilise the mortar reactivity over time and to provide protection against the effects of humidity during storage.

6 Jun 11
Abrafati 2011: sustainability and future requirements for coatings in focus

This year’s international coatings congress Abrafati 2011 will focus on sustainability and innovative uses for raw materials.

Scientists are envious of nature
12 Apr 11
Coatings and a method of optically detecting corrosion in coatings

Read more about the latest patented determination of the extent of corrosion.

27 Oct 10
Low-VOC coating wins European Responsible Care Award

The company has won the judges' votes with a coating technology that offers health and environmental benefits in a more resource-efficient, cost-effective way.

13 Oct 10
White Biotechnology in the focus

Industrial biotechnology or white biotechnology is the application of biotechnology for industrial purposes, including manufacturing, alternative energy and biomaterials.

12 Oct 10
Reducing carbon emissions using photocatalyst, water and light

A research will target the photocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide to produce useful building block chemicals of the chemical industry.

105 item(s) for Science today - coatings tomorrow
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