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Friday, 10 April 2020
Science today - coatings tomorrow

Want to know what is going on in coatings relevant research all over the world? Here you find news on current fundamental research and development from international academia.

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22 May 13
Graphene-based ink to enable next-generation electronics

Northwestern University researchers have developed a graphene-based ink that could lead to low-cost, foldable electronics.

10 May 13
Opportunities and challenges in the global packaging business to discuss

The food-packaging industry has to contend with a number of issues, ranging from pricing pressure and chemicals shortages to legislation and sustainability. During the European Coatings Confernce "Packaging and can coatings”, a market overview will discuss opportunities and challenges in the packaging industry.

8 May 13
Developing highly transparent bio-coatings

Taiwanese scientists developed highly transparent biocompatible coatings with both dense and porous structures. The coatings were synthesized by low temperature sol-gel process.

15 Apr 13
Behaviour of epoxy coating at hydrostatic pressure of seawater studied

New study investigates EIS characteristic of epoxy coating in simulated deep-sea environment. High pressure of seawater accelerated the coating physical failure, and chemical structures of the coating did not change during the experiment.

11 Apr 13
Bamboo shoot skin may serve as antibacterial material

Extracts of bamboo shoot skins as well as its active compounds in the skins are potentially useful as antibacterial materials, a new study suggests.

15 Mar 13
Better corrosion protection due to nanoclays

Nanoclays can improve mechanical and corrosion protection properties of epoxy coatings. A new study of Finnish and Russian researchers confirms these results.

11 Mar 13
Developing high performance self-healing polymers

A review article of Taiwan scientists studies recent publications on self-healing polymeric materials with thermally reversible Diels-Alder chemistry.

28 Feb 13
And the winner is…

At the European Coatings CONGRESS the speaker who presents the best scientific and/or technical paper will be honoured. According to the award committee, the quality of papers submitted this year is impressing.

25 Feb 13
Tutorial provides fundamentals on film formation in latex paints

What processes occur in waterborne systems during the film formation in latex paints? How certain additives affect the performance of the ultimate coating? Pre-Congress tutorial of the European Coatings CONGRESS provides the answers.

104 item(s) for Science today - coatings tomorrow
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