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Tuesday, 17 September 2019
Science today - coatings tomorrow

Want to know what is going on in coatings relevant research all over the world? Here you find news on current fundamental research and development from international academia.

103 item(s) for Science today - coatings tomorrow
10 Sep 09
Test method for anticorrosion protection

A new test method determines the anticorrosion protection that an organic coating offers in much less time than other conventional methods.

6 Aug 09
Self-healing surfaces

The engineers‘ dream of self-healing surfaces has taken another step towards becoming reality – researchers have produced a electroplated layer that contains tiny nanometer-sized capsules. If thelayer is damaged, the capsules release fluid and repair the scratch.

20 Jul 09
Inks: Magnetically Controlled Beads Create New Display Applications

A research team led by a chemist at the University of California, Riverside published recently a study on magnetically controlled beads.

103 item(s) for Science today - coatings tomorrow
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