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Thursday, 01 October 2020
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Exploring the trends and developments of the coatings industry

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Seven European Coatings Conferences supply 2013 great insights in the different technologies and the latest raw materials developments from industry, institutes and universities.

Discussing, gaining know-how and supplied with the latest trends and developments. The European Coatings Conferences will also 2013 give you all information around latest coatings-technologies and raw-materials.
Discussing, gaining know-how and supplied with the latest trends and developments. The European Coatings Conferences will also 2013 give you all in...


Note the dates! Vincentz Network offers also 2013 very interesting updates on projects for the different topics:

  • European Coatings Conference "Biobased adhesives" - 21. – 22. February
  • European Coatings Conference "Packaging and can coatings" - 11. – 12. June
  • European Coatings Conference "Sustainable coatings" - 18. -19. June
  • European Coatings Conference "Protective coatings" - 12. – 13. September
  • European Coatings Conference "Façade coatings and plasters" - 29. – 30. October
  • European Coatings Conference "Automotive coatings"- 12. -13.November
  • European Coatings Conference "Waterborne coatings" - 3. – 4. Dezember

Let's meet in Duesseldorf

Next years conferences will take place in Duesseldorf. The metropol at the Rhine, capital of North Rhine Westphalia - one of the best connected places for international as well as european flights. Also easy to reach by train and car with several motorways around the city.

All to know in 2 days

The conferences will start on the first day at 10 o'clock with a very detailed basic study about the topic. On the first day you will gain as well lots of know-how by discussions and interactions with experts around the hot topics.

12-13 presentations will give you an enormous insight about the status quo and future trends.

Biobased adhesives

One of the toptrends showing the upcoming raw materials and technologies based on environmental friendliness. Upcoming on 21/22 February.

Packaging and can coatings

What is ongoing for inks, foils and can prints? This conference will let you know on 11 and 12 June.

Sustainable coatings

Everything should be sustainable and green these days. But it is not easy to gain. Measurements of what is sustainable and the top-of-the-art already achieved latest projects will be presented on 18/19 June.

Protective coatings

Anticorrosion is one of THE existance reasons for coatings. It is the basis for all painted items and for highly demanding technologies, like automotives or sea-bridges it is necessary to survive. Have a look what is ongoing on the protection of metals on 12/13 September

Facade coatings and plasters

Constructions need protection for sure. Acidic rain, heat and sunlight are just a few environmental impacts - how to avoid damages? This conference on 29/30 October will not only give answers for this question, it is also combined with the latest issues about plasterdevelopments.

Automotive coatings

Plastics, leather and a lot of metal - that's what a car is made of. And the performance need to be 110% - a tough industry to keep the design as longlasting as possible. Coatings fulfill these requirements - how do they do this today? The conference will let you know on 12/13 November.

Waterborne coatings

It seems to be a very longlasting topic now. Since 30 years the substitution of solventbornes is a target and for sure big steps are made already. But where are we today? Is the corrosion protection increased and what is the latest solution for the curing challenge? This conference gives you an update on even other improvements.

PUR and furniture coatings last conferences this year

2012 will be finished with two more conferences

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