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Thursday, 09 July 2020
Coatings pigments

Don´t miss any trends, news and current developments on coatings pigments. All about inorganic, organic white and couloured coatings pigments

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19 Jul 10
Zinc tannate interesting for antifouling pigments

Tannins are synthesized by plants as part of their defense mechanism against the attack of pathogens.How they work as pigments is stated here.

17 May 10
Glass flakes to enhance barrier characteristics

The resistance against corrosion of an epoxy-polyamine-based coating immersed in a 3 wt.% sodium chloride solution was investigated by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. The organic coatingcontained glass flakes as pigment.

22 Apr 10
Pigments to simplify pigment dispersion process

Product range has been expanded to simplify the pigment dispersion process for all paint systems and applications by removing the need for an expensive and time consuming milling step.

18 Mar 10
Scientists create "near-perferct" blue pigment

An accidental discovery in a laboratory at Oregon State University has apparently solved a quest that has occupied mankind for thousands of years.

12 Mar 10
Shape memory effect is tunable

Shape memory polymers can memorise temporary shapes and revert to their permanent shape upon exposure to an external stimulus.

Red-shade orange pigment enhances colour range
9 Feb 10
Effect pigment allows new design center

The new effect pigment enables new creations in the orange to red shade area. It is the first product in a new generation of effect pigments.

26 Oct 09
Characterisation of TiO2 powders

Stable TiO2 sols were prepared by using two sol–gel processes with titanium n-butoxide and titanium isopropoxide, respectively.

1 Sep 09
Multilayer pigment coating process

A novel multilayer pigment coating process allows intensely coloured pearlescent effects to be produced in all four quadrants of the CIELab colour space.

27 Aug 09
Pigments glowing in the dark

The new technology can produce long-lasting glow in any colour.

78 item(s) for Coatings pigments
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