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Thursday, 09 July 2020
Coatings pigments

Don´t miss any trends, news and current developments on coatings pigments. All about inorganic, organic white and couloured coatings pigments

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6 Oct 11
Do nanoparticle extenders improve TiO2 spacing?

Recent test results showed that nanoparticles did not improve the spacing of TiO2 particles under any of the conditions examined.

2 Sep 11
Two high performance pigments developed

The pigments provide good light and weather fastness properties. Combined with effect pigments they produce metal effect shades.

29 Jun 11
Hybrid pigments improve paper gloss

Study investigates the potential of novel organic-inorganic pigments in paper coatings.

20 Apr 11
Self-stratifying coatings investigated

Test results show that self-stratifying systems have comparable or even better corrosion protection properties compared to classical two-layered systems containing the same resins and pigments.

6 Apr 11
Corrosion resistance of an epoxy-polyamide coating evaluated

It was found that, the corrosion resistance of the coating reinforced with 100 vol % Al particles was considerably greater than the one which was only reinforced with 100 vol % MIO particles.

Disperse organic pigments in water
17 Dec 10
Metallic pigments reviewed

The evolution of metallic pigments is summarised from the earliest days of hammering out gold into thin sheets.

3 Nov 10
A method published to design the color of a coating

The method supports the production of adhesive tone and/or effect-generating coatings to design the right colors.

8 Oct 10
Representing true colors with device-dependent colors on surfaces

This method has at least the steps of selecting true paint color, displaying device-dependent color corresponding to the true paint color in a simulated full size room.

4 Aug 10
Self-cleaning coating systems used with UV and infra-red light reflection

The effectiveness of this concept has been proven by examining the self-cleaning ability of a 2K- polyurethane- clear varnish in relation to the concentration of incorporated aluminium pigments(flakes)

78 item(s) for Coatings pigments
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