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Tuesday, 29 September 2020
Coatings fillers

Here you will find all news on current trends and development for fillers.

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9 Aug 18
Silica particles for durable water-borne wood coatings

When making the switch from solvent to water-borne wood coatings the goal is to not compromise the function and performance. According to a recent article epoxy silane-modified colloidal silica can contribute to improve block resistance and sanding properties of water-borne clear coats.

15 May 17
New edition of "Fillers for Paints" launched

Now available in its third edition, the book "Fillers for Paints" has been updated with the latest market data, information about new fillers and an outlook on future trends, such as sustainability and light weight fillers.

24 Jun 15
Preparing ZnO nanopaint for marine antifouling applications

Nanomaterials open up tremendous opportunities in the development of commercial products for house-hold to industrial applications.

12 Mar 15
Substituting titanium dioxide by calcium carbonate in paint mixtures

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) due to its high refractive index, is widely used in paint industry as a white pigment.

27 Aug 14
Synthesising micro and nano-sized calcium carbonate particles

Calcium carbonate nano and micro-particles have a large number of industrial applications due to their beneficial properties.

14 Feb 14
Kaolin accelerates film formation of latex polymers in cement

Colloidal stabilisers (e.g. PVOH) and anti-caking aids (e.g. kaolin) are commonly added during the spray drying of liquid latex dispersions to produce re-dispersible polymer powders for the drymix mortar industry.

29 Aug 13
How dangerous are silica?

After the proposal for a rule limiting silica exposure of the Canadian province of British Columbia the US acts as well on an juisdiction. Do we have to protect paint workers in the EU as well?

12 Jul 13
Sunflower seeds to promote eco-friendly concrete

Sunflower seed husks could be used as an environmentally friendly filler for concrete, Turkish researchers say.

6 Feb 13
Optimising dispersion paints using multifunctional fillers

A guideline of the Dorfner Group reveals how to save costs and improve quality by optimising or revising the design of the filler package in the formulation.

19 item(s) for Coatings fillers
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