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Friday, 21 February 2020
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"Natural alone is not enough"

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

That's one of the results from the discussion groups during the European Coatings Conference "Polyurethanes for high performance coatings". Furthermore the attendees gained in all groups one big driver for new PUR-developments.

The discussion groups had a lot to speak about, have a look at the gallery:

Legislation driven


  • VOC-regulations,
  • Indoor regulations,
  • Food contact reglementations,
  • Isocyanate regulations and
  • the Biocide Regulation

the group around Malin Rex, Perstorp AB, Sweden, discussing the regulation issue, came to the conclusion: the analysis of the diverse regulated chemical materials has to be done in the right way.

Performance counts

For example the sustainablity issue is legislation driven. Not only by REACH, also for example in The Netherlands the target is set for 2030 that in general 50 % or more of the chemicals need to be bio. Or in France the "Deco-law".

Eric Brouwer from Croda in The Netherlands collected a lot of issues around the sustainability of Polyurethanes.

For example they asked the question if the sustainability coming from food chain competition could be solved by micro organisms. To get any idea for new sustainable rawmaterials, you need to think differenty. Especially to get the isocyanates "green".

Solventbornes are still better than waterbornes

Robert Lomax from Baxenden, UK moderated the group around waterbased polyurethanes. He presented the results showing that it is very difficult to substitute solventbornes. His discussion attendees had the opinion that with the price and the curing costs it is a very tough target, especially during a time of economical tension. Not only the drying energy was meant with the curing costs also the higher rawmaterial prices for the other ingredients were included.

New application areas

Kai Klockemann, Nitroil Polyurea GmbH, Germany brainstormed with his discussion partners about new application fields. They came to the following ideas

  • shoe parts
  • transport belts
  • wheels
  • fire resistance coatings with low density
  • fast cure with airless applications
  • self healing coatings
  • haptical coatings
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