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Sunday, 27 September 2020
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Nanoclay enhances anticorrosive performance of epoxy coatings

Friday, 20 December 2013

Epoxy/clay nanocomposites have become an interesting topic among researchers because nanoclays have a positive effect on the mechanical, thermal and especially barrier and anticorrosive performances of the polymers.

Increased corrosion stability with clays for epoxy coatings

Source: Christian Heit/Fotolia

Increased corrosion stability with clays for epoxy coatings

Source: Christian Heit/Fotolia

In their study "The use of nanoclay in preparation of epoxy anticorrosive coatings” researchers from the University of Belgrade, and Zvezda-Helios, Serbia, prepared epoxy NCs and NC-based epoxy coatings by the solution intercalation method using "Cloisite 30B” as nanoclay.

Higher clay loadings produced an intercalated structure

WAXD and SEM analyses revealed that a mainly exfoliated structure was obtained in epoxy NC with 1wt% clay content, while higher clay loadings reduced the number of exfoliated clay nanolayers and produced a mainly intercalated structure. EIS, TGA and DMA analyses showed that epoxy NCs with clay content below 5wt% exhibited increased corrosion stability, thermal stability, glass transition temperature (Tg) and storage modulus (G′), in both glassy and rubbery states due to the nanoscale dispersion of "Cloisite 30B” and the barrier effect of individual nanolayers.

NC with 1wt% clay exhibited the best corrosion resistance

Enhanced mechanical properties were also noticed at higher clay loadings, but the rate of improvement was lower. The highest extent of exfoliation and the most homogeneous macromolecular network was found for NC with 1wt% of clay, leading to the highest improvement of thermal and anticorrosive properties. The salt spray test results showed that anticorrosive properties of epoxy coatings in the presence of 3wt% and especially 1wt% of "Cloisite 30B” were significantly better, thus indicating that nanoclay efficiently modifies the commercial epoxy coatings.

The study will be published in: Progress in Organic Coatings, In Press.

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