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Tuesday, 25 February 2020
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Catch the full basic know-how on PUR

Friday, 7 August 2015

Look at this seminar and you know how to play tennis with the meaning about for example the important facts formulating 1K and 2 K polyurathens. Win the game with all around your understanding why and how the PUR influences the coating system!

Game, set and match: understand polyurethane technology!

Game, set and match: understand polyurethane technology!

Smash it!

There are plenty of other reasons for you to attend our seminars:

  • Understanding the technical processes enables you to revisit them, modify them or start afresh.
  • Before you can start your new project, you need a foundation of knowledge to build on.
  • In these fast-paced times, learning from the experience of others, e.g. our experts, is a key way to help shape the future of paint.

Join the European Coatings Seminar on "Polyurethane coatings" and ask Dr Ulrich Freudenberg, Bayer MaterialScience, Germany all you need for working successfully with this binder:
Amsterdam, 12 November 2015, 9.00 – 17.00 h

Further questions will be answered:

  •  Which potyisocyanates are relevant to paints and how do they influence the binder?
  • What are the characteristic properties of the various polyester, polyether, potyacrylate and other polyols and what is important in their selection?
  • Which isocyanate/polyol combinations are suitable for which applications?
  • What is important in the formulation of 1-pack and 2-pack polyurethane systems?
  • What properties can be achieved with polyurethane hybrid systems?
  • Which aspects need to be considered in the formulation of radiation-curing polyurethane coatings?
  • How are PUR coating powders and dual-cure systems formulated?

Further seminars in Amsterdam

From 10-12 November further Seminars will make you an expert in:

  • Epoxy coatings,
  • Dispersions,
  • Biobased Raw-materials,
  • Architectural coatings,
  • Food contact legislation,
  • Functional coatings,
  • Flame retardant coatings,
  •  Practical rheology,
  • Design of experiments,
  • Wetting and dispersing additives,
  • Anti-corrosive Coatings
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