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Thursday, 09 July 2020
Coatings binders

Current trends and developments on coatings binders for different application areas.

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23 Jul 10
Polyester resins to replace epoxies

Two new polyester resins have been developed, which can be used as alternatives to epoxy resins in powder coating applications.

13 Jul 10
Intumescent coatings enhance fire retardancy

A new study showed that an intumescent formulation significantly enhanced the fire retardancy of painted plywood.

8 Jul 10
Low VOC aqueous polymer dispersions patented

The present invention, the process of formulating aqueous polymer dispersions may begin with acidolysis of an engineered polyester to yield shorter chain length, acid (hydroxyl) functionalintermediates.

6 Jul 10
Ecofriendly resin solution for wood application released

Cytec Industries Inc. presents two new polyurethane dispersion resins.

17 Jun 10
VAE emulsion focuses on paints and plasters

A new vinyl acetate/ethylene (VAE) emulsion was designed for low VOC, exterior masonry façade paints and plasters.

Study analyses properties of PU coatings
3 Jun 10
Dispersion addresses industrial furniture coatings

Due to its good drying properties, formulations based on the new core-shell self-crosslinking dispersion can also be utilised in plants with short production cycles.

Anti-adhesive materials for food production
21 Apr 10
Anti-adhesive materials for food production

At the Leibniz Institute for new materials, Germany a new anti-adhesive material has been developed. Dr. Carsten Becker-Willinger explains how these materials have been developed and comments on theperformance in food production.Von Dr. Sonja Schulte

29 Mar 10
TETA-free polyamide introduced

Because of past supply issues in higher ethylene amine derivatives and the concern for potential future issues, a series of TETA-free polyamide curatives will be introduced. It is one alternativestream that could be used in the production of polyamide curing agents.

25 Mar 10
PU system helps reduce noise in town centres

A new polyurethane system has been developed to cut noise levels during business deliveries.

245 item(s) for Coatings binders
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