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Thursday, 04 June 2020
Coatings additives

All about coatings additives: news, trends and current developments for different application fields.

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22 Dec 11
Corrosion protection of enclosed spaces

A new corrosion inhibitor offers multi-metal protection at a very low dosage rate with no future need for removal.

12 Dec 11
All-rounder to improve dispersion of organic pigments

When added to tinting machine dispenser, wetting and dispersing agent achieves a low viscosity, free-flowing organic pigment paste at low dosage level.

Bernhard Ehrenreich, Clariant
12 Dec 11
“Demand for non-halogenated flame retardants will grow”

In its additive business Clariant concentrates on solutions for powder and water based technologies. According to Bernhard Ehrenreich, Vice President Head of BL Waxes at Clariant, this area bears promising growth rates. In addition, he expects a higher demand for non-halogenated flame retardants.

17 Nov 11
Additives certified according to ISO standards

Four additives were certified by TÜV Rheinland according to internationally recognised standards ISO 14040 and 14044. Certified statements on environmental impact factors can now be made for theseproducts.

28 Oct 11
The benefits of self-corrosion control summarised

It is essential to detect corrosion when it occurs, and preferably at an early stage, so that action can be taken to avoid structural or other damage to the metal.

Alternative thickener made without solvent
27 Oct 11
Making TiO2 highly reactive for functionalisation

How were TiO2 nanoparticle surfaces functionalised toward water repellent properties?

25 Oct 11
Providing protection in the liquid and vapor phase

A recently launched corrosion inhibitor has the ability to diffuse through air or water towards metal surfaces forming a strong molecular layer-reaching even inaccessible/recessed areas and interiorcavities.

13 Oct 11
Additives to achieve good spreading and wetting

New superwetting additives are effective on difficult-to-wet substrates such as wood, plastics and metal.

6 Oct 11
Improving the drying process of alkyds

Driers are metal carboxylates, sometimes called matal soaps, like cobalt. An active drier is responsible for the curing process. Read more which complex is efficient for waterboren systems.

151 item(s) for Coatings additives
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