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Friday, 05 June 2020
Coatings additives

All about coatings additives: news, trends and current developments for different application fields.

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5 Nov 12
Balancing product performance and ecotoxicological impact

A new class of fluorosurfactant can achieve high packing densities and so a relatively low surface tension, combined with a rapid dynamic surface tension reduction.

24 Sep 12
New antimicrobial additive developed

The additive is non-carcinogenic, low in cost, not damaging to the environment, and does not have an adverse effect on the pigmentation of coatings. The paint composition suppresses the proliferation of microbes such as bacteria and fungi and compromises their physiological functions.

21 Sep 12
New additive from renewable resources developed

A new biopolymer providing wax-like properties has been developed. The additive provides very good matting properties combined with high transparency and a pleasant soft touch.

23 Jul 12
Organic and inorganic light stabilisers compared

In a new study, different UV absorbers for waterborne coatings are tested, analysing their protective function in joinery coatings as well as their influence on coatings colour and transparency.

18 Jul 12
Influence of coalescing agents on rheology deeply analysed for waterborne coatings

Latex paint is a complex system consisting of emulsion, pigments, thickeners, freeze thaw stabilisers, coalescing aids, surfactants, wetting agents, buffers and so on and so on... But how do these ingredients interact when it comes to rheology - the key for flow properties and therefore leading to all other properties as well?

25 Jun 12
Fruit peel could act as additive for silver nanoparticles

Indian scientists are using skin of pomegranates as a reducing agent for the production of silver nanoparticles.

11 Jun 12
Additive improves wetting of low surface energy substrates

Environmentally friendly product is well-suited for coatings and related products in which surface slip and/or resistance properties are required.

16 May 12
Additive improves performance of UV-coated wood products

Liquid surface modifier shows good matting and tactile properties without increasing formula viscosity.

11 May 12
Short chain fluorosurfactants enhance cleanability

Presentation to be held on new additives that provide dirt pick-up and oil repellency properties through important surface tension reduction.

151 item(s) for Coatings additives
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