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Thursday, 02 April 2020
Coatings additives

All about coatings additives: news, trends and current developments for different application fields.

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19 Jun 13
Creating coatings with permanent easy-to-clean surfaces

Fluorinated polymers with multiple functionalities can generate hydrophobic surfaces with a permanent easy-to-clean effect in different coatings. Results of a new study confirm this.

9 May 13
Dispersants with high pigment loading give paints extra brilliance

The combination of polymers makes it possible to prepare dispersions with a pigment concentration of more than 50 % – without sacrificing flowability.

12 Apr 13
Coatings additives: dispersants to deliver brightness and brilliance

New dispersing agents for waterborne pigments offer high pigment loading, enabling bright and brilliant architectural coatings.

18 Jan 13
Wetting additive reduces surface tension

The use of the additive also promotes foam reduction and the elimination of surface defects, such as cratering, crawling and fisheyes.

9 Jan 13
Toughening an epoxy coating with hyperbranched polymers

Branching with amine functional groups harden epoxy coatings. Even more influence has the architecture of these polymers.

BB_Bautenfarbe_Fotolia_4935036_ tbordino_2009.jpg
20 Nov 12
Additive extends durability and UV protection

UV absorber brings improvement in the area of UV light protection for waterborne systems

19 Nov 12
Encapsulation to prolong lifetime of biocides

New study shows that encapsulation prolongs the lifetime of biocides in different matrices by protecting them from leaching and by releasing them slowly

8 Nov 12
Experts discuss novel Biocidal Products Regulation

Starting on 1 September 2013, the New Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) will be applied. The central novelties were presented and debated at an international conference.

6 Nov 12
Wetting agents simplify waterbased formulations

New range combines good substrate wetting, improved solids wetting and reduced foaming with a good environmental profile.

151 item(s) for Coatings additives
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