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Tuesday, 14 July 2020
Coatings additives

All about coatings additives: news, trends and current developments for different application fields.

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Requirements for biocides regarding in-can preservation
3 Feb 10
Requirements for biocides regarding in-can preservation

Specific requirements for in-can preservation come from customers. The most important aspects, as David Ogden, Arch UK Biocides states, are regulatory effects. He explains why regulatory packagesnational and abroad are necessary.By Kirsten Wrede and Sonja Specks

18 Jan 10
Waterborne PUA for eco-friendly floor tiles

Nonmetallic mineral particles were incorporated into waterborne polyurethane acrylate (PUA) to improve the surface properties of eco-friendly floor-tiles.

11 Jan 10
Antifouling effects of enzymes in coatings

The use of enzymes is an alternative for biocides in antiflouling coatings with unwanted adverse effects for marine coatings.

11 Dec 09
Additive for good abrasion resistance

New product also provides clear and pigmented paints, varnishes and printing inks with good leveling and slip without affecting the gloss or clarity of the finished product.

8 Dec 09
Degassing agent for powder coatings

The benzoin coated amine wax combines the benefits of benzoin and amide waxes.

Technical easy-to-clean coatings for different temperature ranges
12 Nov 09
New alkyl phenol-free surfactants

The surfactants can be used in a variety of applications, either to effectively improve adsorption at diverse surfaces and interfaces or to efficiantly stabilise emulsion polymers.

9 Nov 09
Corrosion protection with epoxy coatings containing polyaniline

the corrosion growth probability of Mg–5Li alloy beneath the coating was decreased by the addition of polyaniline.

29 Oct 09
Bühler launches additive for eco-friendly coatings

The additive improves MEK rub resistance, blocking and humidity resistance and it reduces drying time.

26 Oct 09
Trends in marine anti-fouling coatings

Erik Risberg does not expect a new breakthrough technology in anti-fouling coatings in the near future.

152 item(s) for Coatings additives
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