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Tuesday, 02 June 2020
Coatings additives

All about coatings additives: news, trends and current developments for different application fields.

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17 Aug 10
Inverse emulsion pathway works as corrosion inhibitor

Polyaniline and poly(m-toluidine) prepared by inverse emulsion pathway work as corrosion inhibitors in surface coatings

There is always a scope for improvements
30 Jul 10
There is always a scope for improvements

Eastman developed a new cellulose-based additive. Dr. Deep Bhattacharya explains how this additive performs compared to established additives and in which type of coating systems it can be used.By Sonja Schulte

26 Jul 10
Multi-walled CNTs deliver outstanding performance

Multi-walled carbon nanotubes are widely recognised as one of the key components for innovative "smart" materials solutions of the future.

22 Jul 10
Glycol-free additive used against foam

A VOC and glycol-free defoamer for waterborne printing inks and overprint varnishes with spontaneous defoaming and high efficiency was developed.

12 Jul 10
Building blocks are food contact approved

New hydrogenated dimer grades can be used in a wide range of materials that are intended to come into contact with food.

Additives to improve scratch resistance
1 Jul 10
Short-chain fluorosurfactants exhibit promising qualities

A new range of branched fluorinated surfactants with very short perfluoro chains has been synthesised as a more environmentally friendly alternative to long-chain products.

23 Jun 10
Wax emulsion additive can improve scratch resistance

New anionic polyethylene wax emulsion additive improves the mar and scratch resistance, and water repellency of interior and exterior coatings.

22 Jun 10
Silicone-polymer emulsion defoamer for waterbased paints and clear coats introduced

The defoamer helps paint manufacturers to formulate paints and clear coats which meet various environmental standards and safety certifications.

15 Jun 10
Renewable pentaerythritol to cut carbon footprint

A new product platform has been developed to enhance the performance and minimise the environmental impact in a wide range of end products including high performance alkyd paints and coatings.

151 item(s) for Coatings additives
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