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Wednesday, 01 April 2020
Raw materials

All you need to know about current trends and developments in coatings technology: new coatings binder technologies, novel coatings additives, fillers and pigments.

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27 Jul 09
Commission tables draft for novel EU biocides Regulation

New European Regulation on biocides will replace the 1998 Directive.

23 Jul 09
"Promising natural biocides for coatings"

Natural biocides for coatings, like antimicrobial peptides (AMPs), show promising results in the lab.

21 Jul 09
Pigments: drivers for development

The desire for individuality, functionality and sustainability at optimal cost are drivers for the development of pigments.

20 Jul 09
New chemistries for in-can and dry-film preservation

Talk about new active ingredients as well as delivery systems and controlled release technologies are being developed to address needs for in-can and dry-film preservation, as well as for newapplications such as antimicrobial surfaces at ECC "Novel Biocide Technolgoy IV”

Two-way benefits
1 Jul 09
Two-way benefits
A newly introduced neutralising amine for waterborne coatings, secondary-butyl ethanolamine or sBEA, has an amphiphilic structure, through which it can assist dispersants in separating and binding topigment particles. Tests on a blue tinting base show that sBEA provides greater pigment efficiency and better flow properties than classical amines such as DMEA. more
Eco-friendly dispersion for technical textiles
18 Jun 09
Blue colour for the construction market

New ultramarine blue pigments have been developed for cementitious formulations.

15 Jun 09
Versatile polymer dispersions

A new range of polymer dispersions has been developed for use in the construction industry.

15 Jun 09
Anti-corrosion coating for the Eiffel Tower

Iron oxide pigments are used for an anti-corrosion coating of the famous Eiffel Tower.

11 Jun 09
Novel biocide technology

The European Conference "Novel Biocide Technology IV”, taking place the 17-18 September 2009 in Berlin, Germany, will address today’s challenges regarding biocides and give an update on latestdevelopments. The complete conference programme including full abstracts is now available.

631 item(s) for Raw materials
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