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Wednesday, 20 February 2019
Raw materials

All you need to know about current trends and developments in coatings technology: new coatings binder technologies, novel coatings additives, fillers and pigments.

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19 Sep 18
Synthesis of soybean oil-based biodegradable polyurethane films

Scientists prepared a series of biodegradable polyurethane films with hydroxylated soybean oil and L-lysine diisocyanate ethyl ester.

11 Sep 18
Monitoring the curing process of fairing compounds based on epoxy resins

In a recently published paper, scientists investigated the curing process of an innovative formulation as a function of temperature and humidity.

7 Sep 18
Halloysites and mesoporous silica as inhibitor nanocontainers for feedback active powder coatings

Scientists carried out a comparative study of the effect of inhibitor-loaded nanocontainers on corrosion protection performance of polyepoxy powder coatings employing neutral salt-spray test (5% NaCl, 35 °C).

31 Aug 18
New video on self-healing primers to extent protection

In a recent webcast Roman Subramanyam Kasisomayajula of Autonomic Materials explained to the European Coatings community how Incorporating a self-healing additive zinc-rich primers can extend the lifetime of the protective system. The video is now available on demand in European Coatings 360°.

20 Aug 18
Polyurethane with an ionic liquid crosslinker

A recently published investigation reports on the synthesis of a new class of ionic liquid crosslinked shape-memory polyurethane (PU-IL).

9 Aug 18
Silica particles for durable water-borne wood coatings

When making the switch from solvent to water-borne wood coatings the goal is to not compromise the function and performance. According to a recent article epoxy silane-modified colloidal silica can contribute to improve block resistance and sanding properties of water-borne clear coats.

7 Aug 18
Potential for fungal dyes as colorants in oil and acrylic paints

Potential applications for colorants derived from the spalting fungi Chlorociboria aeruginascens, Chlorociboria aeruginosa, Scytalidium cuboideum, and Scytalidium ganodermophthorum are of growing interest across a variety of fields, from wood and textile dyes, to solar cells.

24 Jul 18
Intercalation of superplasticizer to layered calcium aluminate hydrate

Ten organic molecule models simulating the chemical functions of commercial superplasticisers used in the cement/concrete industry were intercalated into lamellar calcium aluminate hydrates to synthesise hybrid AFm phases.

18 Jul 18
RAFT polymerisation to form stimuli-responsive polymers

In a recently published paper scientists used reversible addition fragmentation chain transfer (RAFT) polymerisation to form stimuli-responsive polymers.

602 item(s) for Raw materials
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