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Wednesday, 20 February 2019
Raw materials

All you need to know about current trends and developments in coatings technology: new coatings binder technologies, novel coatings additives, fillers and pigments.

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8 Feb 19
How safe is graphene?

Are products containing graphene safe for humans and the environment? A comprehensive review, developed as part of the European graphene flagship project with the participation of Empa researchers, investigated this question.

7 Feb 19
Polyurethanes: Alternative crosslinking mechanisms

Due to the proposed restriction, diisocyanates have been in the spotlight and the search for alternative crosslinking mechanisms in the focus of R&D. We spoke to Lars Ossenschmidt, Technical Service Manager Paint, Building and Industrial Coatings of Worlée-Chemie, about the issue and approaches.

1 Feb 19
Diisocyanates: The 0.1 % limit

In May 2018, ECHA issued the position paper of its responsible committees on the planned restriction of diisocyanates. It is expected that the European Union will adopt the relevant regulations in the coming months. Dr Joachim Petzoldt and Dr Stefan Sommer from Covestro explain what the industry has to prepare for.

29 Jan 19
Formulation alternative for Aluminium pigment stabilisation

Six months ago, the effect pigment industry was unexpectedly faced with a new challenge: a raw material commonly used in the industry was classified as a chemical toxic to reproduction.

10 Jan 19
Controlling silicone networks using dithioacetal crosslinks

In a current study, researchers are working on the development of dithioacetal silicone networks that do not require metal catalysts.

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21 Nov 18
Next generation styrene-acrylic dispersions

More and more biocides are under discussion. New limits for biocides are forcing manufacturers to look for alternatives. New styrene-acrylic dispersions could be used to formulate paints with very high pH values to reduce in can fouling.

11 Oct 18
New video about additives for UV-curing wood coatings

In the monthly webcast European Coatings Live, Selma Öru from Byk Chemie explains how novel wetting and dispersing agents can improve properties such as the gloss or color strength of radiation-curing coatings. The recording is now available in European Coatings 360°.

8 Oct 18
"There are many new monomers that have novel structural elements"

If the coatings industry wants to become more sustainable, it must reduce its dependence on oil. But that is easier said than done. We spoke to Dr Tobias Robert from the Fraunhofer Institute for Wood Research about challenges and chances of bio-based raw materials. 

24 Sep 18
Stabilisation mechanism of main paint pigments

Researchers have recently been able to prove that mixed particles perform better than corresponding individual particles in the paint.

602 item(s) for Raw materials
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