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Thursday, 09 July 2020
Production and testing

Keep up with all the latest developments in the field of production and testing!

45 item(s) for Production and testing
16 Jan 14
Method to help speed the introduction of new coatings products

OEMs, material suppliers and test equipment manufacturers have developed a new ASTM test method for transportation coatings.

15 Jan 14
Test stand evaluates rain erosion of rotor blades

Rotor blades are exposed to severe environmental conditions: rain, hail, sand, salty sea water and dirt all gather on the surfaces.

7 Jan 14
Electricity may be able to detect rusting reinforcing steel

Researchers from the University of Buffalo believe they can detect corrosion before the damage becomes severe by sending a jolt of electricity between opposite ends of steel cables.

20 Nov 13
European Coatings LIVE! speaker answered questions

Sowmitri Tarimala of Ashland Specialty Ingredients discussed image analysis for assessing new foam control agents in waterborne coatings.

11 Oct 13
Measuring the content of nanoparticles in wet coatings

To measure how nanoparticles are distributed in liquids is a very skilled technology. It does not only depend on the amount of indredients, as Margret Böck, Micro-trac Europe explains

20 May 13
Relation between pendulum hardness and coating thickness analysed

Scientists have measured the pendulum hardness values of acrylic coatings with different thicknesses using a König pendulum hardness tester.

1 Apr 13
On screen graphing shows real-time test data

Redesigned touch-screen technology for rheometer launched.

7 Feb 13
Detecting alkali-silica reaction gel in cement-based materials

A new study demonstrates the novel use of microwave measurements to distinguish between mortars containing alkali-silica reactive (ASR) aggregate and non-reactive aggregate.

23 Oct 12
Control the mottling effect finishes on automotives

The first impression, aesthetics, that's the reason to sell a car. Therefore the paint appearance on a car body needs to be extremly perfect. Mottling was until today just a visual evaluation. But only when phenomena can be objectively measured can one control and optimise it.

45 item(s) for Production and testing
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