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Tuesday, 11 August 2020
Production and testing

Keep up with all the latest developments in the field of production and testing!

45 item(s) for Production and testing
2 Aug 16
New dosing technique accelerates contact angle measurements

A new method of drop positioning for measuring static contact angle accelerates the dosing process compared with classic needle dosing.

15 Jun 16
Bubble entrapment and escape from sprayed paint films

A model paint consisting of resin dissolved in butanol was sprayed onto horizontal glass substrates to form films varying from 100 μm to 450 μm in thickness.

22 Apr 15
Laboratory high speed disperser for vacuum mixing

A new vacuum high speed disperser is designed for laboratory and pilot-scale mixing of batches up to 5 gallons.

27 Oct 14
Testing: The view on transmission, haze and clarity

Byk-Gardner is introducing a new haze meter to simultaneously measure total transmission, haze and clarity according to ASTM and ISO test methods.

26 Sep 14
New wind tunnel allows anti-icing tests under realistic conditions

Researchers will now be able to test anti-icing systems under realistic conditions at temperatures down to minus 30°C and at wind speeds of up to 350 km/h.

24 Jul 14
Characterising the pores of concrete with water vapor

Drying techniques influence water sorption of cement-based materials

16 Jul 14
Measuring the topcoat thickness of thermal barrier coating of gas turbine blade

The topcoat thickness of thermal barrier coating (TBC) applied to a gas turbine blade was measured using terahertz waves.

28 May 14
Terahertz waves characterize paints without damaging them

To keep your new car looking sleek and shiny for years, factories need to make certain that the coats of paint on it are applied properly.

24 Apr 14
MOFA technology in action

Workshop provides theoretical and practical insights into the modular paint and pigment production (MOFA). Exclusive event for up to 100 participants.

45 item(s) for Production and testing
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