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Friday, 07 August 2020
Production and testing

Keep up with all the latest developments in the field of production and testing!

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8 May 20
American Coatings Award winner announced

Even though the American Coatings Show Conference was cancelled, the organizers of the conference reviewed all the submitted papers. For her work on better understanding of stain resistance, Zeena Cherian of Ashland Specialty Ingredients was just announced as this year’s winner.

5 Dec 19
New eBook: Automation in Coatings Production

While the automation of processes can ensure higher efficiency, the question arises how this affects the coatings industry. A new eBook shows what is already automatable and how the coatings industry can learn from other branches to make production more efficient and future-ready.

26 Aug 19
Modern paint production: “As quickly and as much as possible with as little effort as possible”

The transition from traditional formulations concepts towards modern modular based working procedures is a great challenge. We spoke with Frank Kother from TMC about the advantages and hurdles of this process.

26 Feb 19
"Interlinked production steps are often treated separately"

Automation, production monitoring through on-line characterisation and an overview of all process steps are all topics that need to be focused on when the production process is being optimised, says Dr FeIipe Wolf-Fabris from the European Centre for Dispersion Technologies (EZD) in our interview.

3 Dec 18
Where is REACH heading?

The ninth Fresenius User Forum discussed user issues of EU chemicals legislation.

1 Mar 18
Digital manufacturing: “Pen and paper are still being used”

Industry 4.0 is great. In theory. But in reality switching to new machines can be complicated and expensive. Lazaros Patsakas from B&R Automation explains how companies can take the plunge with a very simple system.

23 Aug 17
Real-time characterization during dispersion process enhances product quality

Particle size is one of the key aspects influencing the performance of coatings and inks, such as viscosity, transparency, stability and color strength. Dr. Felipe Wolff Fabris of EZD will present the latest results at the European Coatings Future Dialogue.

21 Aug 17
Multi-impact testing for stone-chip resistance: EN ISO 20567 1 revised

Grit, road metal and other materials can damage automotive coatings so that individual layers come off or the whole coating delaminates from the substrate. Stone chipping can be simulated by means of single- and/or multi-impact tests. ISO 20567 1 has now been revised.

8 Feb 17
Fluctuation scaling of colour variability in automotive metallic add-on parts

Colour matching between the car body and assembled add-on parts is a complex process that increases costs and time in automotive manufacturing. Spanish researchers have investigated the statistical properties of colour coordinates for colour matching in automotive metallic coatings.

45 item(s) for Production and testing
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