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Sunday, 26 January 2020
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January issue of European Coatings JOURNAL is out: New year, new luck!

Friday, 16 January 2015

The January issue of the European Coatings Journal starts the new year with a little guessing game: which components of an ordinary formulation are missing on the following list: binders, resins, additives and solvents?

Dr. Michael Richter

Dr. Michael Richter

s you are experts in the field of coatings, I assume your first guess was right. Of course, "pigments and fillers” are missing on the list and as these components are very important, we cover this essential topic in the current issue of the European Coatings Journal. In my opinion especially fillers are underestimated drastically although you can optimise and even functionalise a formulation already by choosing an appropriate filler. Additionally, in some cases it could be by far cheaper to choose an adequate filler rather than applying expensive additives in order to achieve the same result.
In this issue you can learn how to improve the titanium dioxide distribution in dry film by employing secondary dispersants leading to pigment savings (page 26). Fluorescent pigments are described as an exciting possibility to make products more outstanding (page 22).
In his web-based-presentation Dr Rami Israel, Aralon, will further explain the concept behind these pigments and describe how a formaldehyde-free production is possible. So do not hesitate and join us at the first European Coatings Live of 2015 on 27 January, 15.00 CET. As usual our offer is completely free of charge!

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