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Thursday, 22 October 2020
Protective & Marine coatings

See what´s going on in the field of protective and marine coatings. Follow current news on new developments and products.

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23 Nov 17
Characterising inhibitor storage and release from commercial primers

Aluminum alloys in the aerospace industry are coated with primers that prevent corrosion attacks from aggressive environments. To better understand the storage and release behaviour of the inhibitors, researchers have investigated three commercial primers.

22 Nov 17
Amphiphilic polymers as new fouling-release coatings

Researchers have prepared and evaluated amphiphilic polymers as fouling-release coatings in marine environment.

8 Nov 17
Polysiloxane coatings for anticorrosion applications in marine environment

Researchers have investigated nanostructured superhydrophobic polysiloxane coatings for high barrier and anticorrosion applications in marine environment.

1 Nov 17
Corrosion protection of mild steel surfaces

Indian researchers have reported the superior corrosion-resistant properties of conducting polyurethane networks of polyaniline (PANI), poly-m-aminophenol (PmAP), and poly-o-anisidine (PoA) coated on mild steel panels.

24 Oct 17
Anticorrosion properties of epoxy-nanochitosan nanocomposite coatings

Nanochitosan was prepared to act as a nanofiller reinforcing agent that had been incorporated in a protective coating for corrosion protection using high-molecular-weight chitosan.

6 Oct 17
Making ship hulls invisible for microorganisms

Biofouling pushes up fuel consumption and emissions of CO2 in shipping. Evonik is working on new eco-friendly coatings that counteract biofouling. They trick microorganisms into perceiving plain water in front of them, rather than the ship’s hull.

20 Sep 17
Self-healing nanogel composite embedded with epoxy as eco-friendly coating

Smart nanogel capsules are attracting great attention to act as self-healing materials for polymers. A research work aimed at incorporating nanogel among silicate layers of sodium montmorillonite to increase its dispersibility into an epoxy matrix so as to be used as self-healing nanocomposites.

18 Sep 17
New approaches in corrosion protection

Zinc primers protect steel constructions against corrosion. In dirty environments, their application is time consuming and not eco-friendly. A project tests whether a modification of the pigment formula can increase their effectiveness such that a reduction of the zinc concentration is possible.

14 Sep 17
New global project addresses bioinvasions via ships’ hulls

A new global initiative to help protect marine ecosystems from the negative effects of invasive aquatic species has been given the go-ahead for preparation.

260 item(s) for Protective & Marine coatings
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