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Tuesday, 11 August 2020
Protective & Marine coatings

See what´s going on in the field of protective and marine coatings. Follow current news on new developments and products.

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19 Jun 18
Preventive coating for building stones

Scientists recently developed a new preventive coating for building stones mixing a water repellent and an eco-friendly biocide.

22 Feb 18
Protective Coatings: "Isocyanate-free wins the day"

Speaking about the future of protective coatings is not easy. The market is quite fragmented so it is difficult to find some common ground. We tried it anyway and spoke with Ap Heijenk from DSM and Claudio Di Lullo from Akzo Nobel.  

2 Feb 18
Reinforcement effects on PDMS marine coatings

A new study discusses reinforcement effects of multiwall carbon nanotubes and graphene oxide on PDMS marine coatings.

29 Jan 18
Protective coatings for offshore wind energy devices

What are the current offshore standards and commercial specifications used in the German OWEA industry? A new paper reviews 34 commercial coating specifications.

14 Dec 17
Effect of biocidal coatings on microfouling

Researchers have exposed biocidal coatings to marine bacteria and diatoms and studied their effect on cells adhesion and biofilm formation in different conditions of immersion.

7 Dec 17
Effect of nano-pigments on the corrosion resistance of epoxy coatings

In a work, researchers have combined the desirable colour characteristics of cationic dyes and the good barrier properties of organoclays by synthesising hybrid dye-clay nano-pigments.

4 Dec 17
Environmentally-friendly removal of biofouling

A German research team has cooperated to develop an environmentally-friendly coating. This coating makes it harder for marine organisms to grow on the hulls and makes cleaning the ships easier.

30 Nov 17
Copolymer coating with outstanding corrosion inhibition properties

A novel class of copolymers containing polyimide and polyurea blocks with unique physical properties and capable of providing effective corrosion protection to aluminum alloy has been prepared.

27 Nov 17
Water absorption characteristics of nano-gelcoat for marine applications

A study compares nano-gelcoats for marine applications based on vinylester and Isophthalic polyester.

260 item(s) for Protective & Marine coatings
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