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Saturday, 25 January 2020
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Mitigation system granted patent protection for waterproof adhesive technology

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

This patent covers the invention of a waterproof adhesive suited for a variety of applications including resilient flooring over concrete with unlimited moisture and pH levels.

Outdoor stability test. Source: Formulators

Outdoor stability test. Source: Formulators

Formulators has announced the issuance of patent protection for its waterproof adhesive technology marketed as the "Aquaflex" moisture mitigation system. The patent for invention numbered 20,130,131,244 covers an adhesive mixture suited for flooring installations over concrete with a combination of unlimited moisture and pH. Additionally, the system installations become waterproof to topside moisture intrusion from sources like maintenance water, leaking pipes and standing water. It has also been proven effective for installations over concrete backfill less than 10 days old.

Alternative to epoxy-type coating

"For decades the flooring industry used solvent-born (yet moisture tolerant) adhesives for flooring installations over concrete. During the mid-90's, in order to improve indoor air quality, these formulations were replaced with water-based chemistry. It soon became apparent that the new adhesives would fail in the presence of elevated concrete moisture. Unfortunately, the industry's solution was not to address the failing adhesive chemistry. Instead, the industry offered flooring contractors and building owners an additional product to purchase. This second product became the industry standard; a difficult to prep and apply, epoxy-type coating meant to serve as a protective moisture barrier," said Benny Dickens, CEO at Formulators.

Several formulation variants

The patented adhesive has several formulation variants for differing flooring types including: VCT, rubber flooring, carpet tile, luxury vinyl tile and plank, sheet vinyl, ESD tile, quarry tile and even artificial turf. It is sold by the square foot as a complete moisture mitigation system that includes proprietary waterproof cementitious self-leveling, concrete prep and crack repair products, application trowels and a specialty formulated adhesive remover for clean-up.

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