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Tuesday, 11 August 2020
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The Europeans think different about going green, what does that mean for interior paints?

Friday, 22 May 2015

Green products are increasingly entering the market. The interest in such products is fueled by a new sensitivity for environmental issues by customers and policymakers. However, there are differences in the attitudes towards sustainable consumption across Europe.

Interior wall paints become greener and greener

Source: Fotolia

Interior wall paints become greener and greener

Source: Fotolia

Green waves: The demand for eco-friendly products in Europe

Theresa Eyerund, Cologne Instititute for economic research in Germany will kick off the European Coatings Conference "Decorative Coatings" in Dusseldorf on June 22/23 with her presentation, asking the very interesting question: how open really is our society for going green?
She will show that the complexity of certification standards also leads to skepticism of potential customers towards these products. Consequently, engaging in sustainable production of companies is opportunity and challenge at the same time. What are the attitudes of different European customers towards eco-friendly products and what can companies do to ride successfully with the green wave?

The majority on interior wall paints becomes more and more green

The impact of coatings on individuals is especially high inside a room. Inside a room everybody can easily recognize if a paint is emitting solvents by smelling the indoor air. Of course, people also want to eat painted/coated wood plates without harming one’s health. The conference shows, that the green idea is more than just settled in this field. It shows that this way leads to emotional linkage from customer to paints.

Conference on interior wall paints is not just a drop in the ocean

The focus of this conference is clearly set on waterbornes and eco-friendly solutions for interior wall paints.

  • Ask Chemicals,
  • Omya,
  • The University of the Basque Country,
  •  and Nuplex

are just a few names that have tailored their presentations on this technology – for different coating systems, as for instance, for alkydes and latexes, from additives to binder solutions and nano-spheres. Everything will be covered.

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