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Tuesday, 29 September 2020
Decorative coatings

Here you find news, trends and developments on decorative and architectural coatings. Don´t miss any trend on new raw materials and novel products in this important application field.

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18 Apr 18
New developments for wood coatings

Submit an abstract to the most important and biggest wood coatings conference in Europe.

1 Jan 18
Influence of inorganic binder on the photocatalytic oxidation of acrylic latex

Paints and coatings have been considered as effective materials to overcome the air impurities in mega cities. In a research the influence of inorganic binder on photocatalytic oxidation and degradation of nano/micro TiO2 containing acrylic composites was studied.

20 Jul 17
Influence of titanium dioxide on the thermal insulation of fire protective paints

Titanium-dioxide is an inevitable ingredient that influences the properties and performance of intumescent paints. The aim of a study was to investigate the effect of TiO2 on the thermal insulation of waterborne intumescent paints to structural steel.

22 Jul 16
Algae and vegetable oils give wood a whole new shine

Biological alternatives to oil-based varnish are turning wood into one of the most sustainable building materials available.

22 May 15
The Europeans think different about going green, what does that mean for interior paints?

Green products are increasingly entering the market. The interest in such products is fueled by a new sensitivity for environmental issues by customers and policymakers. However, there are differences in the attitudes towards sustainable consumption across Europe.

Ralston UNI Plus julie and lily jane(Large).jpg
10 Apr 15
Rebuilding a wonder of the medieval world

Nearly 20,000 kilograms of a waterborne texture paint has been used to coat 8,000 square meters of the Porcelain Tower of Nanjing in China.

26 Nov 14
App gives people the freedom to experiment

A free app enables users to see in real time what a room will look like in a wide range of different colors – before any paint is applied to the wall.

10 Jun 14
Improving the cleanability of decorative laminates

Decorative laminates based on melamine formaldehyde (MF) resin impregnated papers are used at great extent for surface finishing of engineered wood.

11 Apr 14
Testing photocatalytic facade paints containing ZnO and TiO2

The photocatalytic properties of self-cleaning acrylic paint containing TiO2 and ZnO were studied using Acid orange 7 as a model compound.

53 item(s) for Decorative coatings
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