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Thursday, 22 October 2020
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Colour trends guide for automotive and consumer electronics launched

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Akzo Nobel has launched its latest colour and trends guide for the automotive and consumer electronics markets.

The new colour palette. Source: Akzo Nobel

The new colour palette. Source: Akzo Nobel

As well as offering a glimpse at the design direction for cars, smartphones and tablet computers, it also includes the company's colour of the year for those markets, "My Gold".

Four key trends and eight palettes

"Our team searches the world for the latest in design," explained Stephie Sijssens, Color Design Manager for Akzo Nobel Performance Coatings. "We translate these into four key trends, eight palettes and 72 colour effects and textures."

Key word is transition

Now in its 11th year, the company carries out its own detailed market research to develop the guide and combines that with input from external design experts. The key word for the latest trends guide is transition. "It's about finding a balance between extremes to create change from within," continues Sijssens.

The four key trends identified in the latest report are:

  • Archive -  a combination of past and future - about deconstructing, organising and archiving elements of the past to inspire the future
  • Obscura - where dark and light are equally important - inspired by the daily transition of night and day
  • Upgrade - where emotion and  technology meet - about breaking free from our busy lives and adding a human touch to hi-tech developments
  • - balancing between the power of image and words - an expressive trend about glorious imperfection
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