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Wednesday, 03 June 2020
Automotive coatings

Don´t miss anything concerning automotive coatings! News, trends and novel developments on primer, basecoats and topcoats as well as on new raw matirials.

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16 Mar 10
Overview of scratch recovery characteristics

The effect of weathering and thermal treatment on the scratch recovery characteristics of clearcoats was measured.

9 Feb 10
High solid alkyd polymers based on soya have been developed

Air-drying high solid coatings meeting the requirement of low VOC have been successfully synthtesised at 80 % solids.

8 Feb 10
Coating can indicate contamination

Chemists look for self-decontaminating coatings based on chemical adsorbtion and reactive agents containing catalysts.

19 Jan 10
Spectrophotometer measures vehicle colours fast

A new portable spectrophotometer measures the vehicle colour from several angles and is connected to a database of over 150 000 colour formulae.

6 Jan 10
Primer to help bodyshops cut costs

A new multi-purpose primer has been developed to help bodyshops cut costs and increase productivity.

Testing technology optimises weathering simulation
10 Dec 08
New powder coating grade to enable cost reduction

Arkema has developed a new product for the powder coating process "Minicoat". According to the company the new powder enables cost savings.

47 item(s) for Automotive coatings
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