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Monday, 13 July 2020
Automotive coatings

Don´t miss anything concerning automotive coatings! News, trends and novel developments on primer, basecoats and topcoats as well as on new raw matirials.

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9 Jan 12
Organic coatings prevent magnesium alloys from corrosion

In a new report the recent progress of organic coatings on magnesium alloys and techniques for evaluating the performance of organic coatings are reviewed.

26 Oct 11
Focusing on automotive painting processes

Possible future scenarios of surface protection of cars will be presented in a paper at the European Coatings Conference "Automotive coatings".

Adhesion: high influence on performance
6 Oct 11
Adhesion: high influence on performance

"Adhesion is one of the important properties for coatings in the automotive field,” says Dr. Audrée Andersen, Lab Manager Coatings Technologies at BASF Coatings. In our interview, she commentson the complex phenomenon of adhesion failure.

27 Sep 11
Coatings Binder: Acrylic and polyester chemistries to combine

A paper shows how the combination of acrylic chemistry and esterification reactions can provide convenient solutions to master the regulation challenges for automotive coatings.

7 Feb 11
Protecting rails

New technology solutions for the rails industry on polyurethane basis available now.

Providing scratchproof anti-fingerprint coating
2 Nov 10
Siloxane hardcoats for exterior applications developed

Weatherability and UV-resistance are the skills of the new hardcoats. Read more about the performance here.

9 Jul 10
Modern plastic coatings still challenge formulators

State of the art coatings are made of 2 pack waterborne polyurethane coatings which are in particular required in automotive OEM.

27 Apr 10
High-gloss paint developed for Formula 1 team

Gloss for Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula 1 race car comes from AkzoNobel.Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton drive this new car for the next time at the Spain Grand Prix in Barcelona, which is bingheld on 2 May.

26 Apr 10
Jet coatings support land speed record attempt

The British-built rocket and jet-powered supersonic car has been coated in paints designed for high-flying jets and military aircraft.

47 item(s) for Automotive coatings
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