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Wednesday, 03 June 2020
Automotive coatings

Don´t miss anything concerning automotive coatings! News, trends and novel developments on primer, basecoats and topcoats as well as on new raw matirials.

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1 Oct 13
Developing coatings from raw materials basis to car owners satisfaction

 New development ideas for automotive coatings necessary? The value chain of automotive OEM coatings will be overseen in a presentation.

31 Jan 13
Glycidyl lets automotives look nice

Less energy and less side reactions shows a possible route to solvent-free transportation and automotive topcoats

21 Dec 12
Photodegradation of multilayer automotive coatings tracked in detail

In multilayer automotive coating systems, it is often the e-coat layer which degrades under weathering, leading to coating failure and corrosion. A complex situation - when you look closely to the effects.

26 Nov 12
Fraunhofer IST and Indian institute start cooperation

The Fraunhofer Institute for Surface Engineering and Thin Films and the Indian Institute of Technology have laid the foundations for joint research work on automotive applications.

17 Jul 12
E-coat protects vehicles from corrosion

New cathodic e-coat technology for OEM car manufacturers is tin-free and contains less than one percent solvents.

29 Mar 12
New plastics heal like human skin after being scratched

A new genre of plastics that mimic the human skin’s ability to heal scratches and cuts offers the promise of endowing cell phones, laptops, cars and other products with self-repairing surfaces, scientists reported during a meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS) on March 26, 2012. Maybe this polymercompound could be adopted in functional coatings as well to heal scratches on metal as well.

23 Mar 12
Scratch characteristics of automotive clearcoats compared

A new study focuses on the analysis of scratch characteristics of automotive clearcoats containing silane modified blocked isocyanates via carwash and nano-scratch tests.

2 Mar 12
Non-toxic pre-treatments protect magnesium and aluminium alloys

New protective systems with self-healing ability have been developed, that are based on salts of Ce, Sn, V, Si, Zr or Mo

23 Jan 12
Automotive antiscratch-coating suitable for i-phones

The case uses innovations from the automotive world to create a robust iPhone case, including the self-healing paint finish

47 item(s) for Automotive coatings
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