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Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Here you will find current news on a variety of applications fields for coatings including automotive coatings, marine coatings, protectice coatings, industrial coatings as well as on decorative and architectural coatings

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16 Aug 19
Strength enhancement of recycled aggregate pervious concrete

In a new study, a silane polymer emulsion treatment method was used to promote the strength of pervious concrete while maintaining its permeability.

15 Aug 19
Effect of inhibitor-loaded halloysite nanotubes on corrosion protection

Recently, researchers investigated the effect of inhibitor-loaded halloysite nanotubes on active corrosion protection of polybenzoxazine coatings on mild steel.

13 Aug 19
Novel phosphorus-containing epoxy resin from renewable resource

A phosphorus-containing epoxy resin has been derived from a renewable resource, sebacic acid (SA), and formulated for flame-retardant applications.

12 Aug 19
Corrosion resistance of alkoxysilane modified bisphenol A-epoxide coatings

Bisphenol A (BPA) epoxy was modified with amine functionalised silane (ASE) and isocyanate functionalised silane (ISE), and the modified epoxides were blended with both tetraethyl orthosilicate oligomers (TEOS oligomers) and titanium dioxide (TiO2).

9 Aug 19
New bio-based thermoplastic adhesive

For the bonding of compostable plastic coatings, Follmann and its subsidiary Sealock have developed a sustainable adhesive made of bio-based raw materials.

Bakterienkultur Image source-Quelle WikiImages Pixabay..jpg
6 Aug 19
Polyurethane films with self-healability and flame retardance

Scientists recently produced sustainable and tough polyurethane films with self-healability and flame retardance enabled by reversible chemistry and cyclotriphosphazene.

5 Aug 19
A review on protective polymeric coatings for marine applications

The main objective of a new review is to discuss the recent research on polymer-based surface coatings contributing to the protection against marine biofouling.

1 Aug 19
High protective performance coatings for mild steel

High protective performance coatings were prepared by dispersing polyaniline (PANI) nanowires into epoxy modified furfural-acetone (EMFA) resin matrix and then cured with phenalkamine.

31 Jul 19
Degradable polymeric composite coatings for biodegradable medical applications

A current study deals with degradable polymeric composite coatings for biodegradable medical applications deposited by laser technology.

746 item(s) for Applications
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