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Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Here you will find current news on a variety of applications fields for coatings including automotive coatings, marine coatings, protectice coatings, industrial coatings as well as on decorative and architectural coatings

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26 Mar 19
Biofouling mitigation of bilayer polysulfone membrane

In a current work, polysulfone (PSf) membrane was modified using polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) layer and zinc oxide-polyrhodanine (ZnO-PRh) couple nanoparticles.

22 Mar 19
Chloride migration test for UHPC and UHPFRC

Scientists recently developed a modified, accelerated chloride migration test for UHPC and UHPFRC with PVA and steel fibers.

20 Mar 19
Anticorrosive behavior of calcium carbonate in alkyd-based paints

The scope of a current work is to study the effect of calcium carbonate developed from different sources (e.g. natural calcite, marble and egg shell wastes) on the corrosion protection performance of anticorrosive coatings.

18 Mar 19
Curling behavior of natural hydraulic lime-cement mortars

A recently published paper aims to identify the parameters influencing the curling phenomenon, and to understand the influence of cement substitution by increasing proportions of Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL) on the kinetics and the final curling magnitude.

13 Mar 19
Functional antimicrobial, anticorrosive and sustainable polyurethane composite coatings

A present investigation reports the preparation of polyesteramide polyol (PEA-RIC) from renewable sources like algae oil and ricinoleic acid from castor oil.

1000-BB_Zementsäcke_Thomas Söllner_AdobeStock_135210888-Quelle Thomas Söllner –
5 Mar 19
Biofriendly vegetable oil healing agents

A new review deals with biofriendly vegetable oil healing agents used for developing self-healing coatings.

4 Mar 19
Cardanol derived P and Si based precursors for flame retardant PU coatings

In a recent study, novel P- and Si-based precursors were synthesised and successfully integrated in the PU backbone for flame retardant applications.

1 Mar 19
Copolymer/Silica nanocomposite as binder for textiles coating

Researchers recently investigated mini-emulsified Copolymer/Silica nanocomposite as effective binder and self-cleaning for textiles coating.

28 Feb 19
Corrosion inhibition of magnesium by coatings

The objective of a recently published study is to identify the anticorrosive property synthesised Nano ZnO rods and CeO2 particles.

710 item(s) for Applications
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