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Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Here you will find current news on a variety of applications fields for coatings including automotive coatings, marine coatings, protectice coatings, industrial coatings as well as on decorative and architectural coatings

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1 Feb 19
Tensile strength of concrete exposed to sulfate attack

Researchers recently presented a promising new approach to test the sulfate resistance of concrete.

31 Jan 19
Wear-resistant and hydrophobic characteristics of PTFE/CF composite coatings

In a recently published study, scientists investigated the wear-resistant and hydrophobic properties of PTFE/CF composite coatings.

28 Jan 19
Highly filled adhesives are easy to dose

Fillers in adhesives and casting compounds can lead to mechanical abrasion in dosing systems. Despite this potentially abrasive behaviour, they can be dosed reliably and precisely in the long term.

28 Jan 19
Automotive coatings: “There is huge potential for energy saving”

There is huge potential for energy saving in respect of automotive coatings, says Makoto Nishigami. We spoke to the Marketing Manager Performance Coating Materials at Asahi Kasei Europe about more sustainable car paints and other trends in the sector.

25 Jan 19
Corrosion behavior of epoxy coating with mesoporous silica

In a new study, mesoporous silica served as the host for an eco-friendly corrosion inhibitor. This material could adsorb and release corrosion inhibitor in different aqueous media.

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21 Jan 19
Influence of non-adsorbing polymers on drying of fresh mortars

In a recently published paper, scientists compare the drying of non-reactive materials (glass beads packing) with the one of fresh mortars.

14 Jan 19
Effect of moisture migration and water vapour pressure build-up on concrete spalling type

In a new study, the effect of moisture migration and water vapor pressure build-up within high-strength concrete (HSC) on its spalling property is empirically investigated at various heating rates and compressive strengths with different water-binder ratios (W/B).

11 Jan 19
Carbon dioxide reduction potential in the global cement industry by 2050

A new paper, which is a contribution to the UNEP series on Eco-Efficient Cements, examines the role of material-based solutions to reducing CO2 emissions from cement production considering factors that could influence implementation.

4 Jan 19
Water-borne polyaniline-graft-alkyd for anti-corrosion coating

In a new study, researchers prepared water-borne polyaniline-graft-alkyd for anti-corrosion coatings and carried out a comparison study with physical blend.

647 item(s) for Applications
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