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Monday, 06 April 2020

Here you will find current news on a variety of applications fields for coatings including automotive coatings, marine coatings, protectice coatings, industrial coatings as well as on decorative and architectural coatings

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10 Dec 19
Effects of conductive polymers in coatings with zinc particles

The objective of a new work was to compare the anticorrosion effects of organic coatings containing zinc metal consisting of either lamellar particles or isometric particles and to reduce the zinc metal content of the coatings while preserving their high anticorrosion efficiency.

9 Dec 19
Cardanol-based polybenzoxazine superhydrophobic coating

Cardanol-based polybenzoxazine and amino-modified silica nanoparticles were combined to develop a superhydrophobic coating (PC-a/SiO2) on mild steel for anti-corrosion coating application.

6 Dec 19
Influence of filler effect on the sulfate requirement of blended cements

A recently published study investigates the mechanism behind the impact of two SCMs on the sulfate balance of blended cements.

5 Dec 19
UV-stable electrocoats for corrosion protection and structural bonding

As part of a research project, scientists developed new coating technologies for mobile machinery for ACE, e.g. agricultural machines.

29 Nov 19
The role of calcium on the formation of alkali-silica reaction products

In a recently published study, thermodynamic data for synthesised ASR products (i.e., K-shlykovite, Na-shlykovite and ASR-P1) at 80 °C are determined.

1000-BB_Klebstoff_Fotolia_15628055_makuba_2009-Quelle makuba –
26 Nov 19
Generation of durable easy-to-clean coatings on foils

A novel and durable easy-to-clean coating based on a UV-curable clearcoat with incorporated SiO2 particles and a thin functional polymer coating based on a zwitterionic phosphorylcholine was developed recently.

22 Nov 19
Influence of carbonation on the chloride ingress into concrete

A current paper investigates the combined action of carbonation and chloride ingress in concrete under stable moisture state.

21 Nov 19
New biocide compounds to fight against hospital infections

The "Multicide" Project will enable the development of new biocide compounds to fight against hospital infections.

15 Nov 19
Link between gas diffusion and carbonation in hardened cement pastes

The influence of atmospheric carbonation on gas diffusion was investigated using four hardened cement pastes (CEM I, CEM III/A, CEM V/A, and a low-alkalinity binder) with common water-to-binder ratio (0.4).

744 item(s) for Applications
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