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Friday, 10 April 2020

Here you will find current news on a variety of applications fields for coatings including automotive coatings, marine coatings, protectice coatings, industrial coatings as well as on decorative and architectural coatings

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15 Jan 20
Experts on architectural coatings and stability

Architectural coatings have to withstand UV-radiation, rain, dust, fungal growth and more. At the same time, they should stay aesthetical pleasing for a long time. We spoke with experts about this issue and how climate change will affect architectural coatings.

27 Dec 19
Optimised design of UHPC with high wet packing density

A new study presents an optimised design method in developing ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) with high wet packing density, in which the multiply effects of solid and liquid phases on UHPC packing mode are considered.

25 Dec 19
Surface-initiated Polymer brush as anti-scaling coating for plate heat exchangers

In a recently published study, researchers evaluated the feasibility of surface-initiated polymerisation (SIP) as thin coating technology to mitigate CaCO3 formation for heat transfer applications.

23 Dec 19
Corrosion resistance of copolymerization graphene oxide composite coating

Acrylamide (AM)/acrylic acid (AA) functionalised graphene oxide (GO) composites (GMAs) were readily prepared by one-step copolymerisation and coated on the surface of magnesium alloy.

20 Dec 19
Uniaxial compression failure of hardened cement paste

The aim of a new work is to investigate the mechanical performance of hardened cement paste (HCP) under compression at the micrometre length scale.

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17 Dec 19
Polyaniline-modified graphene oxide nanocomposites in epoxy coatings

Researchers report on the anticorrosion and antifouling properties of epoxy-based polyaniline (PANI)–graphene oxide nanosheets (GONs) paint coatings.

16 Dec 19
A ternary nanohybrid of Copper@Zinc oxide for antistatic and antibacterial applications

In a current study, a facile and cost-effective approach has been developed for fabricating antibacterial and antistatic waterborne polyurethane (WPU)-based coatings by using Polyaniline-Copper@Zinc oxide (P-Cu@ZnO) ternary nanohybrid as a multifunctional additive.

13 Dec 19
Prediction of autogenous shrinkage of cement pastes

A new paper presents predictions of autogenous shrinkage for three cement pastes of different compositions.

11 Dec 19
UV-protection of cellulosic fabric prints using titania coating

A recently published study approached a convenient method for the organic pigment coated with titania for attaining good UV-shielding properties.

744 item(s) for Applications
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