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Monday, 14 October 2019

Here you will find current news on a variety of applications fields for coatings including automotive coatings, marine coatings, protectice coatings, industrial coatings as well as on decorative and architectural coatings

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11 Oct 19
Electrochemical production of cement

Scientists have developed an electrochemical method to produce cement. Possibly, cement production will thus be operated solely by renewable energies in the future.

9 Oct 19
High electrical conductivity water-borne inks for textile printing

In a present study water-borne dispersions of conductive grades of carbon black were converted into finished inks.

8 Oct 19
Design of salt-responsive and regenerative antibacterial polymer brushes

In a current work, scientists proposed to integrate salt-responsive polyDVBAPS (poly(3-(dimethyl(4-vinylbenzyl) ammonio)propyl sulfonate)), antifouling polyHEAA (poly(N-hydroxyethyl acrylamide)), and bactericidal TCS (triclosan) into single surfaces.

4 Oct 19
Alkali-activation of ferrum-rich synthetic slags

The formation mechanism of alkali-activated materials from two ferrum-rich synthetic slags has been assessed recently.

3 Oct 19
Hydrophobic coating of 3D-printed polylactic acid surfaces

In a current study, researchers developed exfoliated graphite (EG)/acrylic composite films as protective coatings of 3D-printed PLA surfaces.

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1 Oct 19
Release rates from controlled release polymer coatings

Controlled release devices and coatings are used heavily in widely varying applications. In a new study, scientists focus on applications to antifouling coatings by adding an active agent to polymeric coatings.

27 Sep 19
Interface crack initiation of self-healing cementitious materials

Scientists have recently conducted a numerical investigation on interface crack initiation and propagation behaviour of self-healing cementitious materials.

26 Sep 19
Effect of polyurea coating on flexural strength of coated ceramic tiles

The mechanism of a polyurea coating on the flexural strength of coated ceramic tiles was studied by three-point bending together with FEM simulation.

24 Sep 19
From weeds to adhesives

The Max Planck Institute for Chemical Energy Conversion (MPI CEC) and the Ethiopian University of Addis Ababa are launching a new project to produce sustainable chemical products from a "weed".

708 item(s) for Applications
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