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Saturday, 26 September 2020

Here you will find current news on a variety of applications fields for coatings including automotive coatings, marine coatings, protectice coatings, industrial coatings as well as on decorative and architectural coatings

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25 Sep 20
PDMAS/Titanium dioxide epoxy hybrid nanocomposite coating for steel petroleum tanker trucks

A new study reports on a corrosion-inhibiting, self-healing, mechanical-resistant, chemically and UV stable coating for tanker trucks.

24 Sep 20
Fabrication of fluorine-free, comfortable and wearable superhydrophobic fabrics

In a new study, a durable super-hydrophobic cotton fabric was prepared by impregnation-plasma process, which is simple and environmentally friendly.

23 Sep 20
Polyaniline-thiacalix[4]arene metallopolymer – self-doped, and externally doped conductive polymers

A new article deals with the conductivity increment of polyaniline (PANI) through the synthesis of redox polymer and intrinsically conductive polymers (ICP) with thiacalix[4]arene (TCA) segment combination.

22 Sep 20
Formulation of a smart eco-friendly anti-corrosive powder coating

Scientists describe a polyester-epoxy resin/conducting polymer/barium sulfate hybrid composite as an eco-friendly anti-corrosive powder coating.

16 Sep 20
Enhanced barrier properties of epoxy coatings

A new study describes the barrier properties of epoxy coating containing CaCO3 microparticles modified with cerium nitrate.

Labor Tablet Quelle mcmurryjulie - Pixabay.png
13 Aug 20
Protective coatings: “Water-borne systems are continuing to grow in importance”

Hexion’s Daniel J. Weinmann, market development manager, epoxy and David Vanaken, epoxy global technical and marketing director, Versatics, address current trends in protective coatings.

23 Jun 20
Printing inks: “Brand owners and graphic designers are always looking for new effects”

Ray Verderber, technical manager, Metallic Pigments and Powders, at Eckart America Corporation, speaks about the challenges and drivers of the printing ink market.

14 May 20
“Most times, formulations based on those new raw materials are not cost effective“

The protection of everyday objects as well as industrial or infrastructural goods is one of the main tasks of coatings. We spoke with experts from the coatings industry about trends in protective coatings and the role of new raw materials.

15 Jan 20
Experts on architectural coatings and stability

Architectural coatings have to withstand UV-radiation, rain, dust, fungal growth and more. At the same time, they should stay aesthetical pleasing for a long time. We spoke with experts about this issue and how climate change will affect architectural coatings.

753 item(s) for Applications
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