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Monday, 10 December 2018
Raw materials & technologies

Find out all about new developments and trends in raw materials for coatings, adhesives, sealants and construction chemicals.

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14 Nov 18
New Issue: The future is water-borne

The November issue of European Coatings Journal is out and features many interesting new facts, market overviews and technical articles about water-borne coatings. The magazine is also available in European Coatings 360°.

14 Nov 18
Nucleation seeding with calcium silicate

A current review deals with nucleation seeding with calcium silicate hydrate for the development of green cements.

13 Nov 18
UV irradiation grafting of acrylamide onto dopamine-modified 316L stainless steel

The UV irradiation grafting technique was applied to a modified 316L stainless steel surface (SS) in a new study to improve corrosion resistance.

12 Nov 18
Sonochemically sol–gel derived coating of textiles

Researchers recently developed an antibacterial sonochemical sol-gel-based coating of textiles using heterojunction SnO2/ZnO/Chitosan-bionanocomposites.

9 Nov 18
Polysilsesquioxane-based trilayer latex coatings

Scientists recently dealt with the fabrication and properties of polysilsesquioxane-based trilayer core–shell structure latex coatings with fluorinated polyacrylate and silica nanocomposite as the shell layer

BB_Titandioxid_Kateryna Kon - stock.adobe.com_176136403 Quelle Kateryna_Kon –
7 Nov 18
Impact of initial CA dissolution on the hydration mechanism of CAC

Scientists recently investigated the effects of initial CA resolution on the hydration mechanism of CAC.

6 Nov 18
A novel bulk-matte water-borne polyurethane coating composite

A new paper reports on a novel self-matte or bulk-matte water-borne polyurethane coating composite with inherently extremely low gloss.

5 Nov 18
PEA und PES as corrosion inhibitors in paint formulations

Scientists recently synthesised poly(ethylene adipate amide) (PEA) and poly(ethylene succinate amide) (PES) and investigated their application as corrosion inhibitors in paint formulations.

2 Nov 18
Effect of blade-tip shape in gravure printing processes

Recently, scientists investigated the influence of the blade tip shape on the doctoring step in gravure printing processes.

2501 item(s) for Raw materials & technologies
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