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Thursday, 23 January 2020
Raw materials & technologies

Find out all about new developments and trends in raw materials for coatings, adhesives, sealants and construction chemicals.

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10 Jan 20
Measuring and modeling hydration kinetics of well cements

Scientists present a new method to measure the chemical shrinkage of cements, using an ultrasonic cement analyser coupled with an external pump.

9 Jan 20
Electrophoretically deposited graphene oxide–polymer bilayer coating on Cu-Ni alloy with enhanced corrosion resistance

For an actual study an environmentally benign and facile bilayer coating comprised of graphene oxide (GO) and acrylic polymer has been fabricated over a cupronickel sample.

8 Jan 20
Study on the concentration profiles in phase-separating photocuring coatings

Scientists directly measured the local composition profiles in phase-separating photocurable thin films using confocal Raman spectroscopy.

8 Jan 20
Titanium dioxide: "World demand shows a pattern that is far from smooth”

The recent classification of TiO2 in powder form as well as the prices for the pigment have been great headaches for the coatings industry. Reg Adams of Artikol speaks about the current situation on the market and how buyers can react to the price volatility.

7 Jan 20
UV-resistant and transparent hydrophobic surfaces by a facile dip-coating method

Hydrophobic surfaces were prepared with different chemistries by dip-coating. They showed excellent resistance to UV radiation after long-term exposure.

1000-BB_Mikroskop_Shawn Hempel _AdobeStock_205877531.jpeg
2 Jan 20
Effectiveness of non-Fickian diffusion model on the water uptake determination of organic coatings

Water diffusion in organic coatings were measured successfully in a study using EIS and wet-cup methods.

1 Jan 20
Fabrication of transparent easy-clean coating formulations optimised from molecular dynamics simulation

Report on the impact of co-polymerising polyvinyl acetate with polydimethyl siloxane in developing an easy-cleaning coating material.

30 Dec 19
A process model for slot coating of narrow stripes

In a new study, scientists develop a process model for slot coating of variable-width narrow stripes, as a fundamental and representative pattern feature for patterned slot coating.

27 Dec 19
Optimised design of UHPC with high wet packing density

A new study presents an optimised design method in developing ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) with high wet packing density, in which the multiply effects of solid and liquid phases on UHPC packing mode are considered.

2864 item(s) for Raw materials & technologies
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