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Thursday, 27 June 2019
Raw materials & technologies

Find out all about new developments and trends in raw materials for coatings, adhesives, sealants and construction chemicals.

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26 Jun 19
Investigation of butyl acrylate grafting using model alkyds

Researchers report that mechanisms of grafting butyl acrylate onto model alkyds were dependent on the structure of fatty acids in the model alkyds.

26 Jun 19
What happens with titanium dioxide?

Will titanium dioxide be classified? This question has been on the minds of the European coatings industry for a long time. The fact that there was no decision before the European elections is causing further delays. We spoke to Aline Rommert from the German coatings industry association (VdL) about the state of affairs.

25 Jun 19
Self-cleaning abilities of superhydrophobic coatings using silica nanoparticles

For an actual study superhydrophobic coatings were prepared using hydrophobic silica nanoparticles. The coating on every substrate revealed self-cleaning ability.

24 Jun 19
Preparation and hydrophobicity improvement of fluorinated poly (styrene-acrylate) / ferrocene composites

A recent study examines the hydrophobicity improvement of fluorinated poly (styrene-acrylate) / ferrocene composites. The WAC of composite films increased from 45 to 121° before and after oxidation.

21 Jun 19
Additives to give a new life to plastics and textiles with coatings that are difficult to recycle

The Decoat project will allow to avoid landfilling 75% of the volume of textiles and plastics with coatings that until now were difficult to recycle – thanks to the incorporation of smart additives.

Additves in Coatings.jpg
20 Jun 19
Reversible superglues inspired by snail epiphragm

Researchers have presented a snail epiphragm-inspired adhesion mechanism where a polymer gel system demonstrates superglue-like adhesion strength (up to 892 N⋅cm−2) that is also reversible.

19 Jun 19
Effect of tetraaniline nanofiber on the anticorrosion performance of waterborne epoxy coating

A recent study discusses the addition of tetraaniline based conducting nanofiber (TANF) on the anticorrosive properties of waterborne epoxy coatings on Q235 mild steel.

18 Jun 19
A desert ant as inspiration for a paint-like material that could keep buildings cool

Researchers at Columbia University are working on a new way to keep buildings cool. They have developed a coating that does not heat up under the sun.

17 Jun 19
Researchers create uniform-shape polymer nanocrystals

Researchers from the University of Konstanz have successfully generated uniform-shape nanocrystals using direct polymerisation.

2684 item(s) for Raw materials & technologies
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