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Monday, 17 February 2020


Friday, 21 January 2011 | Posted by: Sonja Specks, European Coatings Journal

These days I hear many people complain about the winter season: "It is too cold, too windy, too uncomfortable to stay outside." I want to tell them: look at the coatings outside. If they have feelings, they for sure even feel much more dreadful.

Decorative coatings of houses are not just treated with rain or snow. Sometimes they get a cold peeling with hail. Every morning it is hard to wake up in my lovely warm bed and to know that I need to go outside at degrees below 5 or even 0 °C. But think of a sunny day at the end of February/March with temperatures around 15-20 °C in the sun. I guess an emotional coating would be so happy, like in a warm bed. At night, when I feel comfortable, coatings seem to step out of their bed and have to be tough again: winter winds can freeze the air again below zero degrees. Strain, embrittlement and colourloss are diseases comparable to a flu if it comes worse. Besides façades, automotive coatings are even tougher. Apart from garage cars, where coatings enjoy a safer life, all cars outside have to live with the cold and they have to keep their performance although tons of salt are spread against the ice on the streets. That’s corrosion test in practice. These cars seem to be the ice-swimmers in the Baltic Sea of the coatings world. And sadly the coatings can't increase their defensive forces with that method. So I am happy not to be a coating, but I am thankful that a lot of coatings fulfill their performance very well and spread some colours during this grey and dark season.

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